Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks - 1 Shot Deal

rate me

You can call me

Mr. one two three

Mr. One Shot Deal

I'm leaving out with heavy dough

After every show

That's why my chain, watch, frame and bezzy glow

I pull through the P's, whip 'round the chevy slow

I ain't gotta tell niggaz I'm hot, they already know

I got big rooms with walk-in closets

It looks like Foot Locker when you walk inside it

You're dead broke so you can't pop your collar

And you gonna spend the whole summer eating off the dollar menu

I'm a grown man, there still a little child in you

And he gonna come out as soon as the 40-cal hit you

It's either that or get your ass beaten once a day

You're gonna need a magician to wipe the bumps away

My car worth more than your deal

I got chrome on the wheel

And four in the grill

If my chick was in flicks, she'd be the girl all over my balls

Mean head game, she suck the corn on the cob off

I'm the man in charge

Look at the damn garage

There's old schools, white, blue and camouflage

My rings are heavy, I could use a hand massage

The hell with the law, the cap, judge and the sarge

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