Living Legends

Living Legends - War Games

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I know where the music came from, I not a lame dumb dumb

Origin is respected but still we choose to come, original

Down from my talk to my walkin'

Heads out to please the king Christopher Walken

A city with fly lingo and bad ass latinas

Got heads on this side biting styles still unequal

Unless you assimilate you never considered great

Demonstrate the speech from your birth place you can't race

Disgraced by false handshakes, these punk rap dudes

Talk behind our back but they don't want the feud

A few of them seen the ads y'all helped us pay for

Now they say what's up in the club! What the fuck whore!?

Listen up bitch! You diss because you can't see

Born in California actin' N Y C

Influence is golden but when mics is holding

I roll with the oath to spit what's never stolen

It keeps us out the mix shows and tape decks of 64's

Because we in the middle, we strangers to the riddle

For DJs who play this the bravest get propers

But most won't even touch this unless we sign to Rawkus!

[The Grouch]

I met you twice before and shook your hand

You didn't feel it

Did it for the cap but should have acted like I'd peel it

Now I'm in the skillet on the burner in the back

Caught between the trunk bump and the motherfucking boom bap

Bring the tune back,

You're craps in the chop shop

Thermometer up your ass

That's the reason that I'm not hot

But I got a fever times three for every CD

Bound to be the missing link

For those who want to meet me at the crossing

I'll be the one semi-flossing

With mega self-respect but avoid to go with that

Cause he's employed to act like he doesn't see the free man

Oops that's too much credit, I bet it isn't the plan

Freak of nature, I'm the stranger, you're bad with names bra

Change your views, I'm giving clues

Strangest news you're about to lose

Blame them fools who got the tools.


I'd never consider moving out

When it comes to the coast I'm dwelling on

Hell if I ever switch up the weather

To fit what these other fellas are on

I cause a renaissance

Renovating creativeness on this side of the coast

Self-hatred, radio stations

They play their shit while they brag and they boast

It's not about toe tagging with a rag and a magnum

It's all about respect

Caught in the middle without a clue

Legendary originality here to battle the fallacy

Here to put it down with my crew

Actually I'm open to any option, except belly flopping

Over a sloppy copy of a Primo track, that's a fact

Action taken by middlemen

While you fiddle with pens and pronouns

Trying to pronounce like your pro-eastern affiliate

When I affiliate my style with the golden state

While you're holding hate, claiming to hold weight

Now, much respect to the roots but once you've walked in these boots

Doing a format like that is so fake

You're a dormant doormat

Wearing a whores hat

With a horrible imitation of what you consider great

When that's only a bite.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach

So when you plummet into the darkness

We'll be rising into the light (that's right, that's right)

So when you plummet into the darkness

We'll be rising into the light (that's right, that's right)


I'm anti, but I'm not anti-social

You can feel it through my soul

My presence through my vocals

"How the fuck they got fans?

Man them niggas only local."

Bitch we chase down the mic

And put you rhymes in a chokehold

I'm a pro bro, comin' fresh ain't a problem so

Legends' got skills

Cause we're always evolvin'

And involvin' our self in the life of our fans

Revolvin' around them like the earth on its axis

And neva payin' no taxes man

Firm in my shoes where I stand

Not a stranger to this land

With my choice of words I gain respect and proceed

They say if you don't succeed try, try again my friend

Ya must make words blend within the beat then

Make it a part of this world, make your mark on this earth

For what it's worth, evade the demons while they lurk

In the envy of the jerks bi-coastal who smirk

At the talent and the balance that shine in our work

The suckas love to hate us and these girls LOVE TO FLIRT

Stranger to the under ground, ya neva dug the dirt

True we blowin' up fool and it hurts to be you

Still tryin' to sound like them, just to make it through!!!!

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