Living Legends

Living Legends - That Looks Good

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[The Grouch]

That looks good but what's on the inside?

What's on the other side?

What's on the flip?

Tell me what I get, is it all of what I see?

If I give you all of me then am I trippin?



It was a late night

You just got dissed, just got faded

Dismissed as your girl twists up another fib

Tryin' to hem you up for some shit you never did

Makin' this relationship stressed out

Flippin' her wig

Talkin' bout cheatin'

When she be clubbin' every weekend

With her friends who you know and know you

Know what you do sometimes smile and joke to

But in your head you stay true

They crew is hella fine

While her pagers blowin' up

There's no keepin' up with her mind

When she doin' her thing she's out doin' her thing

But it don't seem right

Your girl looks tight

But something don't seem right

What's on the inside



I got shook

I took a second glance

Grabbed her from the dance floor

Enhance the game

We danced for a while then I told her my name

She got her soul hooked

It only took a minute or so

Then back to the room, lets get blowed

She was way out of control

She was hella bold, yes I'm bold too

So you know what we had to do

Take off the shoes, let's relax, kick back

Let's smoke this sack

Without force she reached in her back pack

And pulled a torch

Now we high, I'm feelin' up her thighs

Looked inside her eyes never tried to realize

She's faded!

Barely made it out the bar

Wasn't really hard to get this groupie out her car

"Don't worry honey my house ain't far"

Is what I told her

Bumped the new CD to make the pee pee smolder

Her momma told her don't mess with MCs

When she got older,

Yes her mamma was wise

She was lookin' on the out

And not the inside

Ya got to analyze what's right in front of your eyes!!!



Got tricked by the smoke and the screen it seems

Hollywood ain't really all that it seems

With my team at the El Rey and y'all know how we play

A show with the fellowship we ripped and skipped

To the Hyatt minus the dips

We on a road trip over all the bullshit

Glamour and the glitz

I wish we never had to go through what happened next

But history repeats itself

And I've been used to getting dissed

If wishes ever come true, this is one I entertained

Mr. BDP requested meeting of the gang (double L)

Over to the office we proceeded

Hype and curious about what he needed

Greeted by pounds and hugs major love

Next came the pitch on how we supposed to sign up

"Get under the wing" Rap City/MTV

All them things that momma and my sister want to see for me

Next scene performing at a club

For the label that he runs

We supposed to sign up

Put us up in the Holiday Inn on Highland

We do the show everybody drunk and smiling

Leak out the info that we ‘bout to sign it

But little did we know that the Blastmaster's lying

Another chapter in this book called the Legends

Everything ain't never what it seems and that's forever


It was light blue and looked like an aspirin

"Why ain't you tried it yet"

Everybody's askin'

That's when I start flashin'

"That's for rich kids and ravers!"

But now it's gone major

It seems like the new official generation X hip-hop party favor

It alters behavior

Erases all your grief

Got all my homies touchy feely straight grindin' their teeth

I was in disbelief and a little ashamed

When I found out all the names

Of my homies on the "E" train, turned into "X" men

I hope it's a decision you don't end up regretting

Heard it fucks with your spine

Not to mention your mind

Serotonin on the brain

Yeah I was "zonin'" with Eclipse

But you'll never catch me zonin' on that type of plane

Cuz I'm all for everybody doing their thang

But y'all done stepped to a level where I just can't hang

I don't even smoke weed

So why would I try something mixed with speed?

Need me to spell it out? I'm talking ecstasy

The drug everybody's trying

"Everybody else is doing it!"

Except for me

Catch me chillin' on the side staying drug free with pride

[Chorus: 2X]

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