Living Legends

Living Legends - Real Slow The Fast Way

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(feat. Murs)


Creative differences...2000 (and one)

Everybody guess WHAT? (what?)

[Verse 1]


One for the "Living" and the other for the "Legends"

We the dopest out the west, and we don't give a fuck

Who you like, who you don't

What they write, what they wrote

Cuz we dope and they SUCK! Dick, balls, ass, what?

Fuck out my face 'cause you talk too much (What?){Repeated thru-out current rhyme}

And you won't do much but throw a peace sign, kick a freestyle then be out (OUT!)

I'm drunk and I don't play, and I will punch-you-in-the-mouth (MOUTH!)

You know Murs, little brother to the Journeymen (who?)

Laying blaze to the track 'till I'm burning it (Oh...)

Who you think put the tour in the tournament? (who?)

Run my 60-second intervals, one in mind, my pinnacle

So once again, respect is permanent

Heard of him? But I know they have, every mike I grab gets rocked well

Never fuck a girl with a crotch-smell, just "Put it in Her Mouth" like Akinyele

Still do it with class, don't drop, fail

I'm a hot sale, and a "best buy", not the "bad dude" but the best guy (best guy!)

And unless my, memory serves me incorrectly

My shows still dope, my flow's on point, and bitches must respect me

Not sexy, or cute

But I got one verse that'll kill your whole group and you STILL won't shoot

With a bodyguard-troop, and a bulletproof suit, trying to pull a deuce-deuce

In the face of a cannon I'm standing and demanding my respect, now!

[Chorus: x4]

Hands up! Put your L's in the sky

Take heaven on earth, give 'em hell 'till you die!

Hands down! We the dopest underground

With the beats and the rhymes, you don't wanna fuck around!

[Verse 2]

Look, PROGRESSIVE is my nature, and I hate to bust your bubble

But I'm faded, shoulders weighted and I'm out looking for trouble

Might rumble with your crew, but never fumble with my brew

And if I stumble into you, now that's just something that I do!

Might spit to your girl with a breath full of "hurl" in the morning I won't mean it

Might piss on your rug, pass out in your tub, next day I'll go and clean it

I'm a GENIUS! When it comes to doing dumb-shit, homie trust me

But never gettin' faded as that night the police cuffed me

I'm lucky, in a bad way

Like free cigarettes on a bad day

Or a sherm blunt in your ashtray, trying to do it "Real slow, the FAST WAY"

I'm a class-A asshole, a first-degree fool

You might think it's not, but "Fuck you" I think it's cool

I drool in my sleep 'cause I'm dreaming about a mil

Not the kind you keep, the kind that keeps your pockets filled

Not a lot of skill when it comes to "the game"

But a sucker for a broad with a real tight frame

And I won't feel sane 'till I hear her name

So I walked up to her and I spilled my brain

(Girl I'm looking at that tattoo on the small of your back

Give me your number and one night and you'll be calling me back

Won't you let me pick you up and you can fall in the 'Lac

And take a trip between your hips, now whats the problem with that?)


Put your ass on my dick and a glass your lips, let's get this party started [x5]

I'm a grind you from behind until I find you broken-hearted

then I'll mend it, start a friendship with the benefits imparted

I hope your not offended 'cause all men are not cold-hearted

I'm an artist under influence, I'm INNOCENT, regardless!

I'm an artist under influence, I'm innocent, regardless..

[various Murs chatter until end]

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