Living Legends

Living Legends - Nowyouno

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[scratched] "No talent"


Ha ha it's going down right now. The proceeds from Grouch's album is going

out to charity. Ha ha. Grouch ain't to racer! What? Saver! Aye peep this

right here.

[Mr. Goliath:]

The light was on upstairs we was unprepared for the next event

But the circumstance left a cool sense of surprise

Eyes widen up

When some speakers with talons raise the mic in the clutch

Right smack in the middle

Bumpin' all we continue with a smigget of patients to deliver

Follow these messages translated aided by a flow so similar to lettin'

yourself go freely on the stand still

Patients wearing thin

But we wait so we don't hate

Slow Rollin' through the Yay

As we raise fine art through the origin hip hop


Raising through the top to be fresh equals me and my crew

the best way to kick it and forget about the blues about not being on TV

Summon up the skills are comin' up and summon all thoughts of creativity

Testin' your vacinity


I heard that good things come to those who wait

But I hate lackin' ass dead time like a line with no bait

And I be sittin' at the dock of the Bay fiendin' for mics

Dreamin' of nights where wishes come true

And the bitches come through

With new Nikes are worn and warm meals are served with ANY form of MC

Who had the bit of nerve but I observe that's not the case

At every time and place

I ask the future for the answer to the question that I face

I had a place called contentment but the rent was too high

Got evicted from that shit now I'm bent through the sky

I spy

My patents like the enemy (enemy)

It's like a nation that pretends to be down until you turn around

I yearn for sounds of bliss so risk you can't ignore them

Anymore men who listen

The smoother my mission flows

Addiction grows like seeds as my need to achieve (feed me)

I take a rest after the leave (leave)

[Hook: x2]

Freely in the standstill

Patients wearing thin

So we wait but we don't

So we ain't slow rollin' through the Yay

As we raise fine art through this origin hip hop


Sending gifts of understanding to those not understood

Except those faggot ass MCs now interpretations is good

That's how I'm living that's my understanding unchanged

Or deranged by the city no matter how strange

My gauge is knocking full speed full throttle

Bust a bottle on the concrete it's that's long lasting anger

Casting shadows over strangers

In front of Blondes I slang tapes

Or at least attempt knowing nobodies exempt

>From being broke

Me and a smoker I need loot for support getting the boot

When I fish the lake no permanent residence so I partake on a search

A bird with out a perch

Specifically a crow lost in the hot snow

No nest, no money to invest

Scraping wood chips doused with no resin mostly sess

A little bit less then happy, I keep my penmanship on point

I said what I meant keeping to fingers on the joint

[Sunspot Jones:]

Wake, up, FOOL! (look look)

Do you rip out a shit or not?

I ain't got no time to listen do you miss your four promo?

Oh no don't make me get live

Half those arrogant DJs got our shit but don't play it

Leavin' underground and MCs feelin' mad and a little underrated

I hated givin' a DJ my shit

But organize he wanna ride the East coast dick (get off they...!)

That's why I stop goin' Crugges eatin' Crisco (put your hands lay down)

That's why I never kiss no ass to bump my single

No naw

They be like "y'all is worldwide

Can I be your DJ?" (huh?)

And I think back to when your bitch made ass wouldn't give me no play in the


Until you saw us kickin' it in Rap Page (oh)

A rocket swingin' outta your bottles in Monte Carlo

You started, jock, see we

Control our destiny

Well those fools is scared to see you be frontin' in the bar

Ridin' in your partner car

Talkin' bout shit you never gonna do

35, broke but cool

Walkin' your baby daughter to school


(and that ain't even your baby)

Gimmie my.

Get out my way (ha ha)



Now 99 these motherfuckers out now don't know shit about sellin' they own tape

But give these niggas a deal they bad as Superman without the cape


When the album don't get bought and the label drop your ass

"Drop"- Beastie Boys

You find out you wasn't as fly as you thought

Caught ground zero another hometown hero turn has been

While me and my crew just look at your ass then laugh then

Throw your tape out the window on the freeway

We finish the night countin' our money from sellin' tapes the G way

And that's tax free

Now if you ask me

All you signed motherfuckers need to attend underground college

And under me attain the knowledge on how to properly MC

I'm watchin' Rap City, MTV waitin' for someone to ring the gong

Yeah that video is hella fresh but it ain't got shit to do with your song

Now all these crews will never know the meaning of payin' dues

But claimin' they mastered the lessons

But then they holdin' a drink and a mic in the other hand

Become the meaning of stage presence

And backstage can't protect you from the rage of this teenage wonder

Make you state your name break and serial number

Before I put you under

And add another stripe to the cult

See I sniped you through the throat will full metal jacket tactics

Cultivated on the streets of mid city LA

Where niggas don't play that

You said that on the album you better live it

Or give that shit a rest

I'm tired of you motherfuckers not gettin' put to the test

And I'm not believing' that you sockin' niggas in the face just for breathing

Deceiving' the blind throwin' out swine

To all these starvin' mind

And you'll find none in which you can compare me

Cause I ain't done shit unless it's Legendary


[Hook x3]

[scratching "the underground stifle now"]

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