Living Legends

Living Legends - Not Here (featuring Pep Love)

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[Chorus: The Grouch - repeat 2X]

I'm gonna tell 'em that I'm not here

Ain't taking no calls today

Time to refresh and do it all my way

Get off my back

Not taking orders

It's time to refresh, make tracks and sing

[The Grouch]

Bring about that piece of mind and recline

Let your guard down and see what you find

Inhale and exhale deeply, get loose

Stretch out your muscles and squeeze you some juice

Light that incense up and then bless your space

Go to that place where the calm is on your face

I promise that a taste of this is pure bliss

Where thought grows freely and minutes mean shit

I'm up in it clean fit, dreamin' so vivid

I let it all radiate, you see how I'm livin'

Energized and rested, tested time after time

I'm impressed with my body and mind

My hobby's so strenuous I gotta cool out

Focus on health so that I'm not ruled out

Exercise my knowledge and abolish all stress

Get a good sleep and tomorrow I press

Today I'm...

[Chorus x2]


Now let's pretend that I was just born

A niggas first breath, heartbeat, a life with no scorn

It wasn't me, it was the egos of MCs they say

The mic tempt me too

But like the dollars makes 'em fishy dude ok

The average day I got the duties of a lifeguard for myself

When I'm swimmin' in a system makes it so hard

But at the rest I just post up fine,

Patrol my coastline and make the most of my mind

Create the envelope and push it to the people on the avenue

The ones stuck in they offices, this world is a vacuum

But my sauce it got some smack too

Like on a Sunday afternoon I got you tuned into the spiciness

Blended just right with this in the pocket like some jeans

Or the rhythm of these funk strings and I might just get

Another dosage of this slow shit

It's bumpin in my system and my soul too,

It's what I do when I'm alone, it's like some soul food

I wouldn't just get up from the table man, it's too smooth

This groove is better than any wrong thing

And if the phone rings I'm'a hit 'em back now

Let the song sing...

[Chorus x2]

[Pep Love]

I'm unavailable for comment

I'd rather go sail my boat and ride the tail of a

Comet, inhale of the chronic, a glass of orange juice,

Read a book, write a poem,

Hike a trail in the forest dude!

Breathe in fresh air

Release pressure

Extend and bend and strength yeah!

Burn a incense, silence my mind in a instant

Because now is the time and I'm in this

It gets me open like Halls Mentholyptus

Pine cones and eucalyptus leaves

Mushrooms and wild flowers bloom

And cool Cali breeze

Make me feel superhuman

I might fly a kite, go home rock the mic

Throw on a song I like, call up my girl to bone

I'm in my own world, a zone

And it be them days like this when I don't answer the phone

I'm clearing my space

Excuse me while I take this brief intermission

From out the rat race

No hustle and bustle though my muscles are strong

I just don't wanna do nothing

But sing my song...

[Chorus x2]

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