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Living Legends - Never Fallin'

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Even if I was blindsided by MAC trucks on a side street in a alley way, in a foreign city I'd still make it back home on a highway with no bulletins, no street signs, no other cars no radio no satellite I'd still make it back home. connected to the universe like a string of lights on a holiday if ones OUT DOESN'T mean that the minds all who roam the stone for the earth child with the fire water and sky under his clothes under his flows under his belt hints of o'rien sets the tones I'll never regret the way canals of birth shot me fourth on my feet not my fins I am a man to finish it out don't forget gravity laws only thing keepin me from flight wings of space infinite NIGHT down a spiral not in sight

Wait, there's no father it's her and her offspring nobodys offerin help skin ain't softenin' axe chop to the ankles her babys coughin' maybe the check'll come today the waits exaustin she's a pillar so she can't be tilted give her sons the feelin as though they gotta million to blow need no stilts to reach the stars teach the kids to reach with they hands and they each will be yours. I'd give a piece of me for her to have a piece of mind or a piece of your chicken 'cause it's ramen all the time she's THIN gettin scared but she never let's on, many men will not fall cause they momma's head strong.

Pick ya feet on up why don't you get on up lift your spirits up damn, I know this shit is tough I flunked in high school, my pop's he left me young I often lost my cool days I feared my momma's gun I lost my only son well my girl, she almost died a bad abortion haunted by her baby's eyes and every reason lies cause you know the truth inside you're feelin like a coward like the wrong person died but still you gotta ride let the years pass on by, never really knowin why the questions why I'm always high, damn.

Let's get it together...

Look, we slippin and slidin 808 KICK ridin servin rocks ballin while they conquerin and they dividin teeth glistenin shinin listenin to ourselves lyin believin the bleedin egos still tryin identifyin with the why and the what's self-hating is the scars and the cuts that run deep down not givin a fuck behind the sweet sound of the new blues rattlin the truck from the SUN roof to the new shoes chrome neglect in the home dis-respect in the zone that? shoulda shown us lookin back before the times that they owned us but never really owned a damn thing with spirits soundin like

I'm hella irresponsible and possibly the cause of my subsequent downfall now I take a pause and reflect on my karma and laws I've ignored all the signs that can cause a turn and redirect my preferred course of action before THERE CURSIN' my ashes the rehabilitation of the baddest on the planet would set a mark a milestone of progress the life changing tones of my heart and soul mean the most learning forces me to search and exhume all my skeletons a room full of demons where the angel was a prisoner she's tortured for the visitors the listeners who read between the lines to stay inquisitive to dissect these sentences

Last night I took a field trip KINDA BENT hopped a fence cut across a playground and layed down in the cemetery reflecting on my pass present and current events SPEACH SLURRIN' I VENTED TO the moon swear SHE was answerin me not literal but in a spiritual sense we spoke me myself and I but I wasn't alone in fact it felt like that picture of a beach with footprints in the sand you know that poem hangin IN grandmama's home where does love come from? where does it go when it's gone? what takes it's place and why does that space turn hard as stone? another year I am older today in many ways I've grown but in my head them questions still they roam ridin a bike she said it's like cyclin in circles with your eyes closed no hands blind faith is what she called it man said lifes a ocean with a lot of commotion once you dive in yet it's deep but if you can swim it ain't matterin.

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