Living Legends

Living Legends - Loose Cannon

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(feat. Grouch & Sunspot)

Talkin bout the system the police, homicide, D.A., F.B.I. all of them

Instead of putting it on all liquor stores in community

why don't you put it on lil little daycare joint right there.

Something you know? Peoples crazy man they ain't doin anything

but gettin out and gettin a damn gun and lay everyone down

and shooting everyone in the head two times two times two times


[Verse 1: The Grouch]

Loose cannon bang

Loose cannon

Watch out

You never really know who's the next one to blow

Who's cannons loose who's plannin what

Who's not plannin standing on shaky ground and demanding

What you're not handing out

Last straw no fuse broken law

There's no joking cause it's all on the news now

Every channel talking on the piano

Couldn't figure out little Jonny had problems

But his daddy kept a house full of guns

But it only took one only took one

He held the power headed to the roof of the school

Didn't have to aim yelling bout he wasn't a fool

He made that change close range

Students yellin first time felon

Times fifty now isn't that nifty

Trace it back to rap tapes

Said he was wearing black a lot

He wanted to be an astronaut but he failed

He's headed to the moon though didn't want to see jail

barrel in the mouth with no doubts blown out skull

no bull Jonny had spool

Rule number one you can't spot him

If you think you got him then tell us about him(go on)

Tell us about him(go on)

Tell us about him(come on)

Tell us about him


Cause he's a loose cannon

Why you acting like you really won't

We caught your ass on a bad day

Now let my mind spray this way that a way this way that a way

Loose cannon

Loose cannon(Sunspot Jonz)

Are you acting like you really should

Really should(Sunspot Jonz)

Though I thought it was all good

All good(Sunspot Jonz)

In the hood but you proved us wrong you proved us wrong

[Verse 2: Sunspot Jonz]

Loose canon

My whole life was a street fight under broken street lights

You could never live up to the street hype

Everybody thinks they know the streets right

Loose Canon

So broken dreams is a common

Street site

Ramen for dinner again tonight

Probably want to steal something tonight when I see people living right

No right to breathe in this seran wraped reality

Tight situations mixed with adolescent attitude

Always have me in the mood to be rude

Like Grouch fuck the dumb son

Don't talk to me see

Cause nothing changes among those who see

Fun outta see me swerve

Gottcha like a germ on a slide


Feeling outta place like the per or the man like the pope

Build up the rush like dope

But I know they stressing like a iscetope

Chemicle elements got me off the deep end i'm a loose canon peeping

Blind when i'm not speaking in the back of the room

Stealing my mamas purse so I learned the hard way cursed

To take it the wrong way first

Dramah unrehearsed, but it's always the same old thing till the first

Dramah unrehearsed, but it's always the same old shit till the first

Loose canon loose canon

[Chorus x2]

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