Living Legends

Living Legends - Gotta Question For Ya

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[Chorus: PSC]

What would you do if we put it all together

In the form of living legends

On an album all together?

Would you buy it? Would you try it?

Would you raise your hands high?

Would you recommend performance for something that's so enormous?

Why fight it? It's right about now, we taking over this

Why fight it? It's right about now, we showing who we is

The best of our abilities

A showcase of energy

Tucked into your memories for centuries and centuries


Only a buck forty five and I talk a lot of shit

Oh you still don't think I'm tight

Ask your girl she got my shit

And she's bumpin #6 (Good Music or Murs Rules the World)

Like nobody's business

Got these fools confused like, "Man what is this?"

I seen him at the open mic with a backpack

The next day he's on the block in some creased up khakis

See that's Murs' ability

Supreme versatility

One verse to your dome

Watch it burst unwillingly

So you should think twice before ice grilling me

In the back of the club like you paralyzed from the neck down

But in your heart you know that you're feeling me

My crew be killing these crowds on the regular

My CDs ringing up loud at the register

Considered to be well endowed

If you measured the

Strength of my click by the

Length of my dick

We'd be larger than life plus a tenth of an inch



Ya boy bull rushes the track

When the percussion's fat

In fact the rhymes I recite

Might help you find the light, or get ya lit

Smoked, words provoke

Jokes to get their shit together whether your hot or not

Ya got ta get off ya ass man, stay ahead of the class

Aesop ready to blast off outa there, I'm gone

When the vibe is wrong I can't even fuck with that

Livin' like a fat cat

Man I'm barely livin' off this rap music

Y'all, no need to abuse it

No need to be a busta, just ta gain respect so

Get ya best flow outa ya back pack

I don't fuck with MCs comin' with wack raps!!!


I'm running with the will to win

As well as the discipline

Sprinting in this competition

I'm racing time, competitors

As well as myself

Jogging with a stealth pace

Definitely one to place in this race

Catching up to men

Maneuver around them

Then drowned them in the dust

To win is a must

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My name is Scarub

I got a question for ya



P to the S to the C

By request to be fresh equals how I rap on sequence

With 16 bar verses and very little curses

And an aptitude for chorus that makes me quite important

At your service

I'm ready, kinda nervous but I'm ready

But first I gotta please me and I've mastered that believe me

It's easy!

5 finger romance with the mic hand

Stand back, I'll bust in your in face cuz I planned that

I ban rap artists who consider they selves the hardest

Regardless of the make up I always slice the cake up

Ya edible, icing, enticing to my eyesight

But everything that glitters ain't gold, you best to come tight


[The Grouch]

Well I'm the good rhythmic, outstanding, underrated

Cool human

Naw that's kind of played

I'm underpaid

The best at my trade

A little afraid

Been gypped too many times to believe in what you said

I prayed hard had my hopes up, guard down

Gained a yard lost a mile so I don't smile

Pile it on cause I'm used to it

I like to format the song and spit the truth to it


He's the man on the mountain

Staff made of lightning, smoking

Writing poetry on a broken piece of oak

It's premonition

Self conversation on an amplified station

Radioactive finger strides all across the nation

I hide in complication yet it's simpler than this

Many rock microphones across the globe

But not quite like this

In the nightlife many catch a case

Catch a cold or catch a disease

But I'm married to the microphone

So I'm immune to weak MCs

So bitch please


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