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[Chorus: The Grouch]

I'm about to give you that I love hip-hop feeling

I'm about to give it to you

I said I'm about to give you that I love hip-hop feeling

I'm about to give it to ya (repeat)

[The Grouch]

The same one I had when I first bumped Tribe

Or the vibe that you felt taking that Bizarre Ride

I'm gonna put it in the mix for your own ears to hear

I was a young buck then and feel I've got a lot of years to go

I'm from the O, I felt it through $hort to Hiero

Had my Walkman on everywhere that I'd travel

I'd always babble and quote what other people wrote

Use it as a theme or rule and that was cool for me

Worked it like a tool for me

They thought I was a fool to be

White and writing raps

They thought that I was acting

But I was just stacking up my skill being real

Feeling how I feel and expressin' how I'm stressin'

Now it's my profession and I'm wanting y'all to know

The love that I've got for this hip-hop only grows.



The best that we can's better than a lot of them

When I meet a Legends fan it's just like another friend

It's the feeling that we give

The music that we live

Negative positive, how you live how you live

Positive memory of what you see, I try to give and be

Inspiration for those who try to come after them or we

Bass lines that pull you in from outside

Or inside or online, when we rhyme it's funtime!

Hands up, stand up, watch me deliver

With delivery and presence, surpassing your ability

Tranquility is silence when violence dominates

If you're the murderers why would I buy the tape?

Self incrimination, self destruction to the nation

Fascination with this death? Oh my I'm losing patience

I got into this music cause I feel y'all listening to radio

Damn they tryin' 2 kill y'all



I remember the first time I heard a dope ass rhyme

Yes a fresh ass verse

Or the first time on this earth

I had this thirst

To give it to ya like birth

A piece of my soul more precious than gold

I'm in the crowd man

I'm not too old to give it up

If it's tight I can get wit it

Rush to the store and go get it

Bump it if it's slumpin', hope the lyric's sayin' somethin'

Intellectual, make the beat sound so flexible

I give it to ya like a piece of my mind

Give breath over this beat with mic control refined

Give ya substance when you have nothin' to hold

You can feel this like you're in the front row!!!



It's like oooo weee

You'd be a fool not to feel this beat knocking out your trunk

Like Mike Tyson with a steel fist

While most of these MCs was out on a field trip

My crew stayed in the lab

See we never had permission to slip

My mission to rip every mic that I'm on

Rap niggas being nice

But I remember last year

They wasn't liking my song

Now I got a couple fans

I'm making cool hits like ice in a bong

Got their bitch on my dick

She looks nice in a thong

And I'm about to give her that

"I love this cock feeling"

And that may be fucked up

But I'm right when I'm wrong

That's don't get along with funny style rap chaps

Who lack the same feeling

That I had way back and still keep to this day

When I used to stay up late just to dub Tech and Sway

But now I got my own wax and I can't get no play

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