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Living Legends - Flawless lyrics

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[Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Clip]

"But I am different, I want it more than any of them!"

"You'll get your chance. One day things will change."

"When? When will they change?"

"Probably when you least expect it..."

Put that pixel in your mind and it might come true..


It ain't over here it comes again

Holdin on my shoulder so I cant hold it in

Life in a balance seein how we did[?]

An when you get there its time to go again


Sifting through your imprints brings me to this

Never let go never give up hope cause thats it

If I let go of hope and fall in the pit of injustice

Its just not right high plane drift into the light

Sharing my thoughts on the spot so there was never no secrets

She was ever clever so decent

So adequate for my etiquete

So I let it hit the bottom of my head and its

A dead page in a story thats been told so many times in the scroll

That I keep going for control

Beautified, intensified

Colors hide in the backdrop, who am I to supervise

Or pitch over the backstop

Simplified, compromised

Flowin under the lifelines cause you an I is a suicide

I testified in the right lines

A designer outline of your features in my sketchbook

Take a look at my past an answer questions your askin

Fasten seatbelts for the whiplash is massive

Crashin into the brick wall I barricaded my ass in

Fascinated by beauty

To document it to my duty

Artistry come alive in my eyes cause your my moving-

Picture, pixelating kaleidescope

Highest hopes I could ever match

Titilating my mind to cope with any problem that shows his face

No disgrace, no embarassment, never care for opinions in your presence

Your the second half to my essence

Your life is so intoxicating

To a drunken skinny broken open wide guy

Cause Im siftin through your imprints, it brought me to this

Never let go never give up hope cause thats just it

If I let go of hope and fall in the pit of injustice

Its just not right high plane drift into the light

(It ain't over here it comes again...)


Her blowin have me growin, knowin I hit the jackpot

Silky symmetrical, round juicy sexual

Too acceptable, smellin like watermelons

Tellin all my friends about her every limb

Theres no comparison

Her hair in the wind got men sniffin wishin they could be in my position

I paid my dues though, now I move slow along the curb smooth ride

Back up fool you cannot drive

I make my dreams come alive

Exotic non-narcotics getting me high

Waterfall visions, covergirl missions

Soundtrack to her would be some smooth Loni Listen [?]

Me Im like a piston but Im not dissin

She holds herself well an I respect that

Listen if theres one thing I know its go for what you do

I did its all true

Neglected to way too cool

On the low standards Im a planner you a player what lay

Let me take [?]



Flew off the scale of one to ten when the skin tone was in

Perfect light, candlelight, or the lamps you can dim

With the twist of a knob, don't claim to be a hearthrob

But I had my fair share of times Ive had to move on

And ask you why you dot a million desks

Most can only dream of the girls that found my rest

Beautiful creatures that stay without the reaches

To live in seclusion they made at the beaches

Exotica eroticas never rock the Nautica

Maybe some Prada and extra cool with nada

Nuthin, but get em naked an flawless

Wake up they look good [?]

And I think back, whens the last time you seen a Legend

Bare with somethin blessed let me help you out never

It may seem callous and shallow forgive me

I meant it, fly girls look like equipment

Top of the line helps the product come tight

Watch we pooled the girls that make the good whites

And life is so bland when youre already the man but you really ain't the man

Now my people understand what Im sayin

Im just layin back no approach

An when I be out with wifey best believe shes the dopest

Or one of the dopest, so many to hold focus

The young crop to make jaws drop then laws broken

Just jokin, statutory thats another story

Hormones an food got youngsters ripe for bonin

Ownin, oh Mr. Mackin continues

Stars in tight clothes be huntin us at venues

An then proves competition ain't friendly

We got the quality, quantities empty

Loyal untouchable drawers that y'all will never see

But give us a shot at your girl, theyll probably fuck with me



With beauty comes duty, few see the filthy

Not guilty I had to pass ass

Got me wantin somethin that ain't worthy

Surely I can see through most wannabes watch friends change up

Relationships, bitches wit attitudes come out quick

What you think you got somethin shit

Not this, Im gettin pissed again

Wished again some bliss'll get no kisses when eternity

Such absurdity I thought words would be the gate to my heart

Burnin me, but Ima stay cool as Sammy Davis an ride this shit out

But you cant lie this shit out

It used to be hard just to write this shit out

But I usually have ta fight this shit out

But Ima live this shit out

Like bein locked up for 30 years

Walk out with a hand of cement tears

Weird ta be out in the car seein the world

Got picked up by a girl an you see the lights pull you over in the rear

Radar clock 90 Im gonna have to see everybody I.D

I thought I was free but I really did a 360

(See I just got out an um, see...)


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