Living Legends

Living Legends - Dirty Faces (featuring Sunspot Jonz)

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Angels with dirty faces

We got this underground

We got this underground

We got this new sound

Alright, check it


We are there

Riding the scene

The world

Goes on

Without you

Sun-shh for Sunspot Jonz

Underground legend bones

Almost broke trying build this underground heaven

We are lights of a passage

Be alert

Be about work

And penetrate while others hate

Yo, they instigate

We translate

Verbal codes into lyrical states

Can't wait

For that phone call

I'm calling you

What can you do for me

And the Legendary?

We must sell this CD

And make it back

Those who lack

Your mental

Will always hold your back

I grew up up in Oakland

Next to High Street

Yo, my feet are my eyes and my ears are my moves

Bumpin' like this groove

We choose to the rhythm

We choose to the rhythm

We move to the rhythm

Yeah, and it don't stop

'Cause the world don't stop

What you gonna do, draw?


[Never, never stop] [Put 'em up, put 'em up]

B-b-b-beauty like a woman's touch

There's still so m-m-m-m-much to learn

A kiss is a b-b-b-b-burn

Into my soul

We know nothing

But we see it all

This is all not the same

I am a warrior

On the mic you can't strike

Yo, you better swing all the way

And bring home the pendant

Yo, I didn't have all "A"s in school

But I could see the way

Fuck being average

I knew the world was run by cabbage, green

Can't have owed

Dream with the fishes

We make wishes

Ain't nothing ever gonna go

Unless you go and just show oh so-so

Ain't nothing ever gonna go

Ain't nothing ever gonna change

Unless you go and use your soul

Use your mind [We ridin' the scene and we gonna ]

Know your role, know your role, know your role


[Yeah, the world go on without you, now]

[The scene] [Yeah, it go on without you]

[Yeah, the world go on without you, now]

[The scene] [Yeah, it go on without you]

You always thought stuff was gonna stay the same

You always thought you could just make and maintain

The world go on without you, you never know

We are

Somethin' to end out on

Let the music just fade out

Then you can just close your eyes

And just think about

The world goin' on without you

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