Living Legends

Living Legends - Common Ground (featuring JC)

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[Chorus: Bicasso]

It's a kid on the corner of his block

And there's a genius in his room with a deep thought

It's a grower in the hills with a crop

But if they all come together what they got?

A little power unified to make a knot

Well of course

And if a plan to expand is endorsed for some more

Lend a hand, pay attention and explore

We all in this people we all in this...

[The Grouch]

Well I don't know where you've been

But if you got here I'll let you in

Welcome you with open arms, now let's begin

Set the scene, serious as fuck minus the mean

Build up your esteem and get to growing

I'm showing fools a place where they can come

And release the dumb deeds they've done

Cause ever since I was young I've been shown I wasn't alone

I roamed with my unhoned skill

And anyone who talked down on me

I knew they didn't know the deal

My belief was way larger than life

Taking charge with the might in my mind

And recognizing that in other mankind

I knew I was on the right path, see

Combating a fight, wrath raging for way too long

And you might say you're strong, proud, loud and so on

Steadily doing damage every time you get your flow on

I build in Oakland, Chicago and everywhere else I go

There are people who know exactly what I mean

More than a scene, great minds think alike

So when you find hate it ain't tight

Decipher the paint right

Get your sights set on what's important

Stop distorting the big picture

When will it hit ya?



A rich man in poor man's body

That's what I was growin' up, hustlin' for the buck

Mentally torn between just to be or not to be

It gotta be it betta, be betta days ahead of me

Cheddar cheese, luxuries, were never gave to me

Instead I shift from home to home, feelin' lone was I prone

From the destiny in which I lay to wallow

To live for today and give a fuck about tomorrow

The sorrow and hatred is my only perception

Because all my memories are filled with lies and deception

The stressin', deprived of a childhood and adolescence

Learn my lesson, now it's all good

I never thought I'd see the streets of so many hoods

My heart done broke so many times, boy it's harder than wood

It's been a long road, but you know the game unfolds

I listen to the stories told by the cats of old

Tryin' to tell me I don't know about strugglin'

Like in the slave days, but ain't shit changed

Instead we ain't wearin' chains, huh

I feel the same pain but it's escalated

Niggas feel free, but still ain't emancipated

So getting' faded is what's left off the green leaf

Hindering the mind, but when I'm high I feel fine

Been in the wrong place at the wrong time

All the time

Tryin' to journey into the light

But the dark ain't far behind

I'm at a color disadvantage but I manage

To make it work for me by the use of my talents

And use common sense to gain dollars and cents

And ain't ashamed of what I do

Until the day I repent



I stay humble through the many of fumbles I found trouble

And trouble it doubles in cities amongst the rubble

I learned from my mistakes to miss another

Resembling ignorance, isn't it all in the struggle?

Got you wondering, why?

You wanna bubble so you hustle

Building the muscle that's not needed

So the other one you ignore it

And feed it more fantasy and you store it, the bubble

(Your circumference of comfort)

"Ghetto fabulous" important in society

A circle of clubbing and girl fucking amounts to really nothing

While we fronting for the public

We shove it down the throats of our kids and watch em love it

And got the nerve to wonder why shit's fucked up

The government lucked up, by giving fools the right to bear arms

Cause we shoot each other down after last call...

What the fuck y'all???


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