Living Legends

Living Legends - Addicted

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(feat. CMA)

[Intro: Unknown]

While sitting home playing with my prick

I decided to take in a flick

Only dirty movies turn me on

Like "Deep Throat" and "The Devil ???"

I've been called a genius, I've been called a bastard

But I'm known around the world as the nasty rapper

All of you freaks, no matter where you are

Listen while I rap about the porno stars

It goes, budda budda, budda budda, budda budda, budda budda

Yea, ha ha

(slows down; beat kicks in)

[Chorus x1: Scarub (PSC)]

(It's a problem, shit. I'm a grown ass man, man damn. That's a problem though, shit)

Every time you jerk off you shorten your life span

Thats what somebody told me (Where you go for help for something like that?)

Is it true, ??My head man?? (Who do you call? What?)

If it is I'm dead AND

I need someone here to control me (I'm an addict)

[Verse 1: PSC]

I bought the brand new Mac, the high speed Internet

The dual-drives in the back, it's lots of power like crack

I'm addicted to these sites with the free pics, the tight ones

Lots of categories, point your arrow, they're a light sum

I zone out in the web world of triple-X

I never knew what a MILF was 'till I seen it, Yes!

I like the Indian sites, forbidden paradise

The red-dot special hoes, black sheep, said it ripe

I like the "BangBus" and "8th Street Latinas"

Tricking amateurs out, avoiding misdemeanors

Flash the cash, they get in

Bash those, kick 'em out

Throw clothes to the floor, next girl on the route, hey!

I'm hella picky, I click off girls quickly

Don't like them shaved and prickly, no pre-pubescence, icky

That's a NO-NO!

Grow those hairy creampies

I love the "Big Naturals" and the smooth, thick thighs

I'm a guy that's wise to all the tricks and the lies

The special offers for free, membership with ties

They like a virus attacking on my phat screen

Clicking on the "X" for them to bounce, but they just won't leave

Won't leave, damn they killed a couple hot males

I recognize some broads up off the Internet

I got tales, and get tails, but won't peep out no she-males

But seen a couple that could fool you, like some Lee Nails

I check the video clips on "CumFiesta"

Eating salsa and chips, take a ??siesta??

Then back at it, I'm a porn addict

I even peep the animal lovers, and caught static

While my girl was asleep, I'm caught up in a jam

I'm at the Macintosh with Cocoa Butter in my hand

I needed help, Damn I need another plan

I'm running out of porn to check out in cyber land

I'm an addict man

When's the last time you did it like this?

[Grouch:] (Hey, don't ask me that, you know...I did it like, 'bout a hour ago...)

[Verse 2: The Grouch]

My girl used to buy me movies, but she know it don't really do me no good

Polishing my wood when I should be tending to what's under her hood

My minds on the "BangBus", and I'm not getting kicked off

Somebody, quick build me a loft to hide my stash

Hard drive's starting to flash, she's parting the gash, I need to save that!

MPEG's up the ass, look at how far they got the legs back!

I was raised to know that's not love, but I' ma try it on my wife though

I got a twisted view on sex, now when I like to see the white flow

In a hype, growing a painful pressure, Luke's

He's going to tame her with big bucks, man

This world we live in is nuts

I'm feeling stupid when I bust mine, but it ALWAYS goes away

And that's how I know I got a problem

And every day I say "I'm going to quit"

(Oops, I did it again...) [x4]

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

I like pigtails, glasses and pumps

Cheerleader fits, and any stretchy shit to make asses look plump

I don't dig the leather or the chains

Blindfolds are cool, prefer eyes when it comes time to aim

Lollipops get me off, and crotchless fishnets rule

I'm a fan of drool, but that throw up shit's a fool

I only loose my cool when I'm surfing for smut

I got one hand on the mouse, and the other on my WHAT?!

I play the skin-flute like I'm in the symphony

And when it's time for me to get-some, Jake Steed's who I attempt to be

I never last though, or fuck around with the asshole

I'm an asshole..

[Chorus: Repeat until end]

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