LIVE - T. B. D. lyrics

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In the moment I was losing my head<br>And I was<br>Reachin' forward, I was already there<br>Readin' too much and losin' my head<br><br>This information caused a cut in the line<br>Now I'm remembering God and readin'<br>Too much it's so nice<br>The print is smaller than the ants in the grass<br>I'll have to put it away now<br>In the morning there are things to be read<br>Words to be said and food to be fed but i<br>Won't be there. I'll be clutchin' on a<br>Megaphone pointed at my head, would you be<br>There, would you kindly, read this word for<br>Word so loud and clear, I can't remember<br>It all, it needs to be clear, I tell you, if<br>The feeling drops out of your voice, would you<br>Kindly pick it up<br><br>This is how, I'll go out tonight<br>Dressed in blue, by the book tonight<br>This is how, I'll go out tonight<br>But I don't need a book.<br><br>We're talkin' anchors, talkin' ships, we're<br>Talkin' seas, we're talkin' everything you need<br>You should be workin' now, not only askin'<br>How and the whereabouts of where you'll<br>Be. I don't suspect you will be thinking<br>When the brain is dead and the mind<br>Has taken over, this is a skill, this<br>Is not a game, where have you been,<br>Are you with us? can you hear us? got<br>The megaphone pointed at you

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