Little Brother

Little Brother - The Way You Do It (Nicolay Remix)

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Relax yourseeeelf

Breathe easy 'caaaaause

We liiiiiiiiike, the way you do...

Relax yourseeeelf

Breathe easy 'caaaaause

We liiiiiiiiike, the way you do...

{This, is a Nicolay remix}

Yo, six minutes to showtime, I was out in the rain

With my nigga Big Pooh goin over some thangs

No money in our pockets, just a buck and some change

Ran up in the hideaway with niggaz screamin our name

Took the stage like a jet soarin, wildin out with the sweat pourin

'til I woke up hoarse the next mornin

An I'll feelin that it brings about

To see niggaz mouthin yo' words and you ain't even got a single out

On stage sealin yo' spot, is the equivalent of ten adrenaline shots

Just like L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Sean Boog when they killin the R.O.C

Ain't gotta worry 'bout if niggaz just pretendin it's hot

'cause I can see they hands in the air wavin, heads bobbin

Neck snappin back and forth, 'bout to break that shit

Man I appreciate that shit, thanks for showin' us love

And to the top we fin' to take that shit - fo' y'all

(Whatcha doin, babe...)

I see y'all cats with yo hands high

Up front shoutin out the songs real loud, real proud

Lettin every other person know

Who you came to see and who you came to rock fo' - Little Brother

That's why we stay vibin, pens stay scribbin

Wrist rotatin to keep your soul pulsatin

It's been a long time, but most folks still waitin

All apologies, but thank you for stayin patient

And die hard, that's why we try hard

Dig deep demand, so we supply y'all

Pusherman, and we wanna keep you high far

From content with this current state of hip-hop

We know music, we know why some don't choose it

Y'all know the truth, I hope y'all don't lose it

Bullshit, everyday we all go through it

We givin y'all some shit that's therapeutic - so breathe easy y'all

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