Little Brother

Little Brother - Sirens

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Are we back on? Let's go

(One, two, three, four!)

Yo, yo, back in it, back in it

"The one thing that, the black audience realized, is when the tower fell

There were some changes. There was a change in societies, where where

All of a sudden they went from being, somewhat of the people still having a say

To now it's, whatever the masses do. So there's not even really a choice

That a black audience is being given."

They talk about us, not usin the word nigga

I wanna speak about a couple issues much bigger

Like most black folks live below the poverty line

And they wonder why the FUCK we attracted to crime

Got niggaz shootin niggaz at the drop of a dime

Babies in the street die way before they time

Many single parent mothers packin welfare lines

And niggaz bein donors, the apocalypse is on us

Niggaz take owners, that's all I ever asked

And got pegged as a hater, man they tryin to take niggaz

Out with the fader, started with three

Down to two-six later, back independent

Cause to kids I wouldn't cater

Go against the system you in bed with Al'Qaeda

Dog they not playin

Look here, they goin to war with more than rap

This our muh'fuckin lives now it's time to fight back

They're coming closer for you

They're gonna get you while you sleep, watch out!

Don't sleep, beware

They're coming closer for you

And they won't stop 'til you delete, watch out!

Don't sleep, beware

Yes sir, one time, uhh, uhh, yo

I came back from NY, a nigga lost his deal

Felt sick to the stomach, almost lost his meal

Lost friends from way back, and on top of all that

They tryin to blame this rap shit for all of our ills

Like I can stick you up with a mic

Like I can rape you with a verse or use a verb as a knife

Like before Kool Herc, everything was alright

Like y'all wasn't callin black women hoes befo' "Rappers Delight"

Sheeeit~! That's just idiot talk, this whole shit is a farce

I refuse to be hip-hop's pallbearer

Had to tell me son cut that bullshit off

Them ain't videos nigga, that's psychological warfare

Too many different variations of the same face

Designed to keep yo' broke ass in the same place

Somethin else more yo it gots to be for

I'm a end transmission cause they watchin me

I know they watchin me

Yeah, do not attempt to adjust your station

There is nothing wrong, for we have takin over

Come to give y'all the truth

Phonte, Big Pooh, Illmind on the beat

It's time to wake 'em the fuck up yo


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