Little Brother

Little Brother - Say It Again

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And now with The Minstrel Show update, with your correspondent... Jennifer Duvall

How's everybody doing, this is Sean Don, you know me; Jennifer Duvall

I'm over here chilling with Little Brother right now

And it's feel good, you see us

I'm listening to The Minstrel Show (hahaha)

You ain't heard, it's the biggest colored show on earth

[Rapper Big Pooh]

I'm overweight, rap is fat to death

Obese when these beats catch wind of my breath

And yes, you ain't heard you still rocking with the best

I just saved y'all from taking a guess

Not jeans, my dear

You ain't worthy to breathe my air

Or stand tall in the pair I wear

Am I making it clear

As the best to lay his head 'round here

And no I'm not the heir apparent to whoever...


They never could out hit us (hit us)

Tried to think fast but never could out wit us (wit us)

The only thing they could ever do was outfit us

When clothes fit strange

I'm playin' Rick James

"Fuck yo' couch nigga!"

I'm comin' out with a bang

Straight Tay, Pooh, and 9th with no middle man

Everybody at the label asking "will it bang?"

I say chill, 'just take a percocet or ritalin'

Now, let the people sing


10 G's a show

Whylin' out with pretty Tony and O

(We make'em wanna say it again, yeah, we make'em wanna say it again)

Beats from Mr. Douthit

Fresh jeans, fresh clothes, and outfits (let me hear it)

(We make'em wanna say it again, uhh yeah, we make'em wanna say it again)


I got so many rhymes, many styles to go with

And my competition all the while be hoping

That I'll quit bringing the pain like Ibuprofen

I can't dog, can't you see that the crowd is open

I mean, mouths is open

Hands in the air, just so aroused and focused

This is a movement, nigga its bigger than showbiz

This is how I live it

I love hip hop, I just hate the niggaz in it

[Rapper Big Pooh]

It's like, I'm just another nigga rockin' the mic

That's way above average and take it however you like

However despite I'm left to write

'Till my forearms get all tight

And my fingers start cramping up

Pose ampin' up I'm standing, what

Y'all niggaz ain't man enough, chill

Agitating like dandruff

I ain't talking all tough, but them people keep saying...


Big trucks and wheels

Dominican broads that's cookin' my meals (right papito) one time

(We make'em wanna say it again, yeah, we make'em wanna say it again) check it out

Niggaz copy my style

Big Dho walking down the aisle (sing it to them)

("She's your queeeeeeeen to beeeeee")

Yeah, we make'em wanna say it again...

[Rapper Big Pooh]

Ayo, they beggin' for a taste of it

Get a plate, grab a cup or something, my nigga stop frontin'

On a mission, dudes still hunting

So stay out my way, act like you want something


Yo, my girl's a grown woman who ain't trynna get her eagle on

She'd rather be in bed gettin' her Keagel on

In and out, working the walls when the heat is on

Like Mary J. or Tweet is on, now sing along...


Fresh clothes and cribs

Gimme a salad pass 9th the ribs

(We make'em wanna say it again, ooh we make'em wanna say it again) now bring it back

Getting what's finally mine

Sign of relief, 'cause we finally signed (I'm home niggaz)

(We make'em wanna say it again, yeah, we make'em wanna say it again)

Say it one more time for that girl named Pam Gram or that some black chic chick

She got me saying damn, damn

(You make me wanna say it again, you make me wanna say it)

Now say it one more time for my nigga named pretty Tony

That always come through it, the hoes that wanna know me (yeah)

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