Little Brother

Little Brother - Listening

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[Verse One]

Yo, I bought a brand new album today

Decide to take it home kick off my shoes relax and play

And spin it for the whole joint cause I like to ge the whole point

Music is everything to me and I refuse to rock the piece

Cause you're my favorite emcee

All I want is what you would ask of me; Hi Kwelity

And some Definition

Wonder why we bootleg like it's prohibition

It's difficult it's dismissing

I got suspicions that your ears to the streets where we're whispering

Are you listening?

I took your LP to DC, where some youngins

Gave me the LD on how it should be

Make sure the beat knock 'til the trunk pop

And everybody pause when you cruise down the block

Roll down your window and they ask what you playin

But don't nobody care what you're sayin...

That's what they told me y'all


This is a message for our people chasing benjamins

With real rhymes and skills they believing in

Keeping them bad tapes rolling like michellin

it don't matter, cause niggaz ain't listening

They ain't listening, they thinkin bout they timbalands

They say the shit we talk about ain't interestin

We got a better chance of blowing up in switzerland

Holla if you hear it cause niggaz ain't listening

[Verse Two]

Music was my sanctuary so I take a long listen

To hip hop living out my life in songs wishin

My parents I could get along with them

So I would go inside my room and dig deep inside the strong rhythms

Back when fresh was the word, and raw was on prism

Marley on the boards, plus Kane was long livin

G rap and A spittin murderous

Bought long live the kane sat down and learned every word of it

Sneakin my walkman in the homeroom playin it

Listen for punchlines delivery and cadences

But nowadays it's like niggaz wanna play with it

They hear some good shit but don't stop to savor it

Like one night we was out in my whip

With some broads just chillin playin demos and shit

Asked 'em how I sounded rockin the mike

One chicl told me all she listened to was beats, thank god for ninth

Trying to get pressed on vinyl cause muh'fuckers buy your CD

But turn around don't even know your song titles

Like track 2 is hot, and track 6 is long

Ain't even listening, I'm hoping I get through to y'all


[Verse Three]

Fly Motorola diploma style ice niggaz

Asparagus rosemary chips for all my nice niggaz

We roll through niggaz masked in vengeance

U-Haul emcess chasing Brown Sugars

And you thought that it would never happen

Thought that it would never happen

My clever rappin keeps my celery growing

Judy Jetson up in Elroy's thought he was home

With the Gold Bond Armor-All fatigues on

Rosey in the pantry with Velma and Shaggy getting they lean on

He sweeter that a Whitney Hous' track hittin them high notes

And Alex Keaton always frontin like he high post

Screaming on Justine when he flippin the script

Tony Danza left a playa celibate

Rippin rhymes for the hell of it

Check all these bitches on my Soul Glow city

Walkin round with Madagascar titties

Imported for my Cole Train leaves ya elephant niggaz

Yo peace Jovan the sky be purple and orange. . .


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