Little Brother

Little Brother - Ladies' Jam

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[talking intro]

[verse 1 - big pooh]

im shy, timid, slow on the draw

ignore em when they close, love em from afar

star, naww thats not on my mind,

im on a mission lookin for the one im tryna find

but i get caught living life by the rhyme

living life on the grind

living like I, be 20-something on my birthday

its a catch 22 i want a girl to support me,

call me up when im out on the road

come to a couple shows, critique a nigga's flow

well yes no maybe so, thats what im lookin for Tay

i just dont know

so, imma be a bachelor

big pooh thing -- smooth oper-a-torr

the next time that im in for sure, ill probly fall to the hands of the lord..


im talkin bout Keisha, and Teesha, and Toya, and Stacy

Alisha, Renee, and Mercedes man, i love ladies man

(get you in my arms tonight)

they be callin and writin and emailin and paging

tryna front but i just cant take it man

i love ladies man

[verse 2 - phonte]

yo, how could i hate em when i want em so much

thats the obstacle

keep my feelings inside

thats what i strive to do

but let me confirm, Tigolo is in love, i aint gon lie to you

in Miami, Carter be giving me some certain glances,

cuz we met under some real wide circumstances,

but it was worth the chances

im like -?- in the Matrix,

soon hopefully she be the one that there aint no replacing

and done fuck my head up, like bitches with braces

thinking bout her warm hugs, soft kisses and embraces

and i aint done feeling it cuz Tigolo done had show-downs

with hoes in O-Town, and Slum Villages,

and it dont compare to you, point blank period

you are the midnight star thats got me curious

seriously thinking bout our future this is how it must be


[verse 3]

now some of you ladies are not complying,

you need to just come clean,

please stop ya lying

you probly wouldnt even fuck with me if not for rhymin

i mean it aint brain surgery or rocket science,

you lookin like "ooh girl-i just gotta try him"

thinking imma buy you rocks and diamonds

cuz you aint had a man since the days of Stop The Violence

and now we at court going the Scotts and Irish

slow it down girl - pump ya brakes

stop ya whining, some girls do got the proper timing

stay off a nigga back and its not for climbing

im, indebted to ya life forever

who held a nigga down till his dough got better

for that job bought shirt shoes tie and sweater,

expressed all her love in a 4 page letter

my god, ill never forget her

(so let em know)


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