Little Brother

Little Brother - Extra Hard

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Uhh! Little Brother

Uhh! Mr. Porter

Uhh! Aiyyo Denaun this a

This a provocative-ass beat my nigga~! I ain't gon' lie

Like, this shit so hard, it's so provocative

Before I could do it I had to go get a manicure, a pedicure

A cucumber melon facial wrap

And now nigga I'm spittin this shit, I got on a raspberry colored mockneck

And some Barber Juice cologne

Chances are I've raised the bar

Never first at the finish but here I are

Niggaz gettin out of hand 'til I raised the par

Yeah I took a few lumps, I don't easily scar

And after number two heard they tried to tar, but baby I'm back

Now I see folks tryin to sit where I sat

Shakin my hand like SHIT, it's like that?

And this is all fact

All factual, all actual

Now they lookin at me, eyes all glassy now

From the chickenhead hoes with the weaves and perms

To the coffeeshop bitches with the naturals

'Member when they didn't even wanna ask me out

Now they all wanna know how they can be down

Didn't think I'd make it rhymin, but I'm still grindin

Look at 'Te shinin, are you happy now?

Everybody say praise the lord

Ain't another like me, I swear to God

Everybody wanna be amongst the stars

So now I gotta go and do it extra hard

Yeah, steppin out extra hard

New aim, new game, fresh feet on the car

Don't ever let a nigga tell you who you are

So when you gotta show 'em, go extra hard

Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah)

Uhh~! Say I'm good, say I'm great

Couple niggaz took a shot but they both late

They both cake, soft like a styrofoam plate

You wanna see the champ, better get into shape

Get into weights, mix berry protein shakes

Rapper Go Hard, I don't need no breaks

Let me hear another word, I ex-pose fakes

I done took all the shit I'm a take, that's word

Say word on the street is, 'Te stay flowin

Just show him where the beat is

It'd be so nice if he wasn't an elitist, bullshit homey!

I'm a grown-ass man, just call it as I see it

Flow so dumb it's borderline genius

All the way from NC to Phoenix

We get bread and it spreads like an epidemic

'Te three point oh nigga this is the remix

I done upgraded y'all, catch up, uhh

Uhh~! Everybody thinks I'm crazy

Cause I don't do what they do

Cell phones stop ringin at night

I'm thinkin - where are my bitches!

Nobody wants to see you when you're down and out

These niggaz gon' turn their backs on you

Wish that they could see me now

Uhh, let's go, yeah (yeah)

Yeah (yeah) uhh (uhh)

All my NC niggaz go extra hard

Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah)

Uhh, let's go, yeah (yeah)

Yeah (yeah) uhh (uhh)

All my niggaz worldwide go extra hard

Lord have mercy, OH!

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