Little Brother

Little Brother - Delusional

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(feat. Oddisee)

[Intro: Oddisee]

Man, Tay.. Bout time y'all came out as y'all man

I told you Georgia Ave., they be POPPIN' shawty

You don't e'en know, be a rack of broads out this joint from high


They bring 'em from all over, ykahmsayin? And good wit that bop

You know what it is doe, mama sauce and chicken wangs

It ain't a thang huh man, let's go..


Uh, she got that thang about her

The type of thang that make a nigga wanna sang about her

and when he sang, the whole crowd sang along about her

And when he get off the stage, he gon kick off his A's and tell his mom about her

So single and carefree, all the ballas willing to pay like a hairpiece

But she don't want no drama 'bout her

Cause when she get a man, that nigga understand

he walkin through the mall wit his arm around her

I used to see her in the back of my mind, all the various times

and be like, "Damn, mama!"; even my grandfather

say you was the marryin kind, not conceited

She just act stuck-up, to we not the fuck-ups

Cause to her it's more important, like the old folks say

"Boy it's more than courtin' when the seasons change

Then you need to change, and she be your umbrella in the freezin rain"

Now do your thang, mama

[Chorus: Phonte singing]

The, way you walk

The, way you're talkin to me

Got me de-luuuuuusional

(Just want you to know you're, very special)

The, way you walk

The, way you're talkin to me

Got me de-luuuuuusional

(And I wanna sing a song about youuuuuu)

[Rapper Big Pooh:]

You talkin good young'n

I mean I'm hearin all the things like you talkin somethin

I mean I'm hearin what you sayin and the things you wantin

Sayin I could give 'em to you, ain't no need in frontin'

You was stuck on the image, you ain't seen me comin

Work hard for everything, you don't see me stuntin

Pooh a whole runt here that won't catch me ?buttin?

I said all that to really say this young'n

You're worth more than a dime

See you everyday but it's not enough time

I'm a wordsmith, couldn't find the right lines

Beauty's skin deep, call the goods behind the blinds

Point them other niggaz to the back of the line

Now I'm thinkin change, couple carats in your future

Glass window-stained, at the summertime spot where the couples hang

Gettin ahead of myself, girl do ya thang

Gon do ya thang, gon do it..



Where it said looks don't matter turned a blind eye to beauty

A thin waistline and a giant wide booty

Lemme keep it conscious, I'm diggin on a cutie

who's doin sumthin to me, not a floozy wit da NA-AHH

Back on that ig'nant, forget Miss Amurrican

The universe spittin this here for Miss Thickness

So D.C. - so polite and chocolate-dury

Young'n on The Ave., got me sites the goddess…

[Phonte: singing]

She's the one, you call on when you need a friend (need a friend)

And EVERY-body wants to know her naaaaaame

When you're down and out, she let you hold a twenty to Friday

(Every first day from tennnn)

Miss Sexy Girl, just want you to come my way, ohhhh-hhh, yeah


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