Little Brother

Little Brother - Carolina Agents

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bert nasty stinking

get a cup get a cup get to drinking

pullin up in them big red -?- trucks

they ask what the fuck was y'all thinking


get a flick, get a chick, get a Days Inn

come through with the crew and they know we be makin noise

they ask 'why them boys so flagrant?'


might wanna call ya bet off

the fix is in and yall cant contend

--with this joint we bout to set off

everytime phonte come in ya town

throwin it down

couple rounds get let off

in commemoration of his penetration through ya defense and

its a celebration of when

everybody cheerin for me in the Skybox

cuz my team break-fast like IHOP

and if u get scared, you will get served

televised Nationwide like insurance

and you too will feel a aftershock

ten years later still be a laughing stock

cause we always make the play, in the house

and we callin niggaz out like graduation day

9th wonder's the editor

pooh's the predator

but Tay is the creditor imma make em pay (ya know!)


[big pooh]

i ride with it shiznit's wicked

mind over pretend i did it with no gimmicks

my, pro image throwback vintage

every time you can read it in my sentence

pray repentence, niggaz is comin, young'n

gunning, like -?- and them, see Pooh gon step back

and start warying them (ha!)

my god

my squad

go hard

remind young Do of junkyard

we trunk y'all like Shaq with Kob(e)

niggaz running -- man theres only 30 sold?

you can fold if ya wanna

this lukewarm summer mean ball hard for the rest of the year

got bitches back naked like its hot in here

if you scared say you scared i can smell the fear nigga!


yo i will not lose

and if you thought i will settle for anything less than homie i got news

--to the 3rd degree

NC's in a state of emergency (yes yes get it poppin)

kickin the truth and just sticking to the doctrine

im here to tell you failure is not an option

[big pooh]

streets are watchin people plottin

LB is in the house and we keep it poppin (let em know)

the beats are droppin verses ready

big Do is in the house so checks are heavy


and C Simms is holding the camera extra steady

cuz when im on stage its hard to stand still

the haters be like 'give it a rest already'

i dont give a fuck bout how you and ya man feel (ya know)


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