Little Brother

Little Brother - Can't Stop Us

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(feat. Chaundon)


Ya'll know what time it is

And Justus for All

Little Brother

It's that time again

Time to get loose

Time to give it to em'

We gon' keep doin' our thing

Get it right to the people

Yeah, let's get it goin'

Yo, give the drummer some, Pipe down, give the plummer some

You are checking out the number one

Assassinator of lame ducks

Phontigga got the game fucked like a cummerbun

Young C, we got another one

Giving these niggaz another run for their money

I'm the crap table when them dice get hot

Phonte doin' shock, put your money on the spot

People wanna ask Tay, "Why you so mad?"

I say it's because comfortable niggaz like you ain't made enough

The war for our minds, just intensifies

We got bigger fish to fry, nigga so +batter+ up

We on the battlefield with the monster, man

Pretty soon your own thoughts gonna be contraband

They can harass, abuse, and try to knock us

As long as we got breath, man, they can't stop us

[Interlude: Phonte]

A dedication to all the DJs keepin our music alive

All the people wantin' real Hip-Hop all over the world

As long as we out here doing out thing

They won't be able to shut us down, baby

This what we do, man

It's who we are, it's us, right here


Fuck out of here, I just started gettin' mine

Niggaz got they hands out like an All State sign

Where were they when I was down on me luck

Now the beggin' for change, them niggaz came wit a sqwuigy and a cup

Another one is bitin' the dust; tables turned

I'm the man now, bitches fightin' over to fuck

See the best in New York is in the South

I gained a few pounds, no the overweight love is in the house

Shades on, I'm ready to stunt; Ladies love me

you couldn't pay a broad enough money to front

Not a chance, this nigga is nice; I was a "Thriller"

way before Michael Jackson teamed up with Vincent Price

You mad and you ready to fight?

I'm buffin your face on sides til you resemeble a knife

You lost twice, lick your wounds and bounce

Chaundon it was a winner's name when it was announced

[Rapper Big Pooh:]

Some say I ain't reach my peak

Most niggaz max out after one year in the street

So you made a little tape, got a little pay

Nigga think he straight, til' he taste defeat

I see you in the mall next week, not a peep

Sellin' back change, cuz your ass can't eat

Listen, the game ain't built for the weak

Hammurabi Code, we don't turn the other cheek

The most consistent, the most complete

And still I got niggaz tryna play me cheap

That ain't a good look, you ain't heard I'm a good cook

And keep plenty recipes in my rap book

Most shook when they hear my name

It must be the skill, cuz I'm lacking the fame

There's plenty of areas, where I could place the blame

I wouldn't be a man if I asked for change

[Outro: Rapper Big Pooh]

I'd like to thank, all of the people

That's been ridin' and supportin' Little Brother

For the past five, six years

Also wanna thank all them hatin' muh'fuckers

That's been downin' us for the past five, six years

Ha, I love it, ha, I love it

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