Little Brother

Little Brother - Altitudes (Flyin' High)

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"Attention all passengers

We'd like to welcome you to Flight 919 headed to Raleigh, North Carolina

Where the temperature is currently a sunny eighty-five degrees

My name is Simone and I'll be your flight attendant for today

Once we reach our intended altitude of thirty thousand feet

We will be serving you the finest of Hip Hop music

So sit back, relax and enjoy your flight"

Uh, uh, ye-ye-yeah yo, check it, check it

Aiyyo before we take off for the evening

Attention all passengers, this is your captain speaking

Just wanna thank y'all for buying tickets just to ride with us

No pun intended, but yo, y'all some fly niggas

The friendly skies are our passionate cost

Pride ourselves in great service and immaculate floors

So kick your feet up, relax at the bar

On behalf of us all, I'll pass it to my co-captain in change

What's happening y'all? This Big Pooh, your co-captain speaking

Before we take off, I'd like to send a warm greeting (hello)

Please alert the stewardess for any things you needing

Buckle up tight, and I say this with good reason

We lost a few people before, they couldn't eat what we serve

Cause our food, you can't buy in the stores

It locked their jaws and they still not talking

Instead of catching flights, these days they steady walking

They steady walking and steady gawking when I'm out with the squadron

Only one record out and already we marked men

But I'm just playing, this thing ain't cautious

Expect competition to take some losses for passing us down

This is our flight, we manning it now

Remember when y'all niggas didn't give a fuck like we was chastity belts

Guarantee they ain't gon' laugh at me now

You even when I'm taking off baby, yeah we still getting down

Now come on

Over the clouds and beneath the sky

It's Big Pooh and Little Brother still flying high (flying high)

The world's finest, ain't no need to lie

Cause even when I'm on the ground I'm still flying high (flying high)

It's Phonte up in the place to be

Representing world wide from sea to sea (flying high)

We rock the spot most definitely

It's Little Brother flying high for the world to see (flying)

Who ready for a trip where the sky's the limit?

These days nobody slide, they rely on gimmicks

The last seven-forty-seven, three pilots in it

We so above the rest, seats reclining in 'em

Fuck designer linen, it's about giving back

Rated number one for service, ain't no doubting that

Where the customers at? They all set for the take off

From NC to CA, niggas don't get a day off

Shit, we need some lay offs, there's too many planes flying

Below the radar, there's too many planes dying

We keep it going, still gliding overseas

Up in the way, stay moving at God's speed

On these flights we stating the facts, first class

And the Craig T. Nelson niggas straight to the back

Check him envy in my leather seats, in my cockpit with better beats

Nothing but blue skies ahead of me

Until our next chance to lift off

And serve all with extreme pleasure

LB's an unfound treasure

Taking trips anywhere

The skies are grey

It's cold captain, I'm inclined to say

That we provide the best service in the US nighttime or day

Them other flights don't mean shit to me

Hell, look down and you'll probably see the head of your favourite MC, oh-ohh

"Attention all passengers

We are now arriving in Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Where your local time is now 8:42 P.M.

Please secure all belongings and prepare for landing

The flight attendants will be walking in the aisles

To ensure all carry-ons are secure and all seatbelts are fastened

Once again, on behalf of the pilots and crew on Flight 919

We'd like to thank you for choosing LB airlines"

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