LINDEMANN - Skills In Pills lyrics

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If u want to die or if u want to chill

Even if u want to get high, whateva happens, take a pill

The first I take against depression, the second is pure energy

The green one for my self-aggression than the red one, ecstasy

Ecstasy, si si si!


All the left is right

All the black is white

All the fast walk slow

All the loose is tight

All the heat is snow

All the high was low

All the grief is fun

All the, all the rain is sun

(Verse 2)

If the Jake gets really strong, the pink one goes with boobs and blow

I keep fuckin' all night long, orange is for, I don't know

Grey one for my perfect sleep, yellow for my need for puke

The blue one keeps my boner steep, I drink 2, just to be sure


(Bridge x4)

Skills in pills



The white one for whateva pain

In the end I start to cry

So I take the first one again

I have last one & I hope to die

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