LINDEMANN - Home Sweet Home lyrics

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Born in a brass of a wishes

But this came as the rain

Fallen upon your milky skin

Get in drug caught in your way

Never ever got prepared

So shaken help, let’s end so scurp,

Searchin’ here in your hair

Gonna bold there’s nothin’ there


Home sweet home, inside you everything booms

Home sweet home, eyes don’t square, the lips in vom

And it caught to cold, its cold inside you

And it is, it is a bruise inside you

And it never goes x 2


2 more days do deep inside x 3

To damn stressin’ and very wild

And it kill, it kill so slow in silent

Never ever got prepared, so shake it now

Let’s have it so scared

Searchin’ near in your hair

It’s nothin’ there


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