LIMP BIZKIT - Stink Finger

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I've seen your campus<br>And thinking I've been there before<br>You know something, I live in this pig pen this filthy pig pen next door<br>Another picture<br>My aroma, stick that nose up in the air<br>Is that the excuse you use to ruin me<br><br>I need to get you outta my way<br>Back and back punk, get the fuck outta here<br>Need to get you outta my way<br>Love thy neighbor, love my neighbor<br>Yeah right...right<br><br>Yo j, drop that one down<br><br>Your existence means less now that it probably ever has before<br>You've got your head up your ass<br>Out of your mouth comes nothing but sh...<br>Still I listen, I absorb<br>You amuse me idiot<br>All bent outta shape<br>Cause I piss on your gate<br><br>And you don't stop<br>And we won't stop<br>That's right<br>And you can't stop<br>This shit, it just won't stop<br><br>Let's take it to the curb if you can stand it | [2x]<br>Put yourself in my position man |<br><br>Let's take it to the curb, put yourself in my position man<br>Ah, take it to the curb, put yourself in my position man<br>Punk, how you wanna take it to the curb<br>Ah, you wanna take it to the curb<br>Ah put ya, put ya, ahh, put yourself in my position man<br><br>You don't stop<br>Got it<br>Stinky, stinky finger<br>And you don't<br>And you don't

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