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Mellow out<br>Bitch<br><br>I thought I knew ya<br>Took the time to throw my lovin' into ya<br>Screw ya<br>Cuz now you got me sittin in the sewer<br>I'm through with all them roller coaster rides<br>See, I ain't forgot about the knots that you been tieing with my insides<br>I dropped my pride<br>Without you I was sure to die<br>I tried with cash<br>And all I could, to make it last<br>Now I accepted that was in the past<br>I know you love me<br>Loved me like a piece of trash<br><br>But at first you were so sweet<br>Couldn't go without seein your face for an hour<br>So sour<br>It all became a hassle<br>You were even living in my castle<br>Just to use me<br>And verbally abuse me<br>That's not the way I'm running my shop<br>It took a while to see the light before I stopped<br>And you got dropped off<br>It's over, probably I'll be sweating it<br>But in the long run you'll be the one regrettin' it<br>Maybe you won't, maybe you will<br>But baby, you're still about as real as a three dollar bill<br><br>No one to blame but you<br>Look at them blame me<br><br>Oh oh, I sound like a bitch<br>A little bitch in heat<br>With all that anger that I'm feelin'<br>Bitch I think it's heat<br>Another spit tale<br>Just another spit tale<br>Thanks for the lesson<br>Now get your shit and hit the trail<br>We know I'm coming from the old school<br>You damn fool<br>Intensity is something that I'm made of<br>And certainly I'm not afraid of<br>A little smack in the face<br>Thanks for the taste

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