LIMP BIZKIT - Nobody Loves Me

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Shut up !<br>No way !<br><br>I'm so sick of them deadlines<br>I cannot stand why them maniacs are in them headlines<br>And even though I don't' know ya<br>Through my lyrics I'll show ya<br>The sanity's over, you're in tha' dugout<br>Cuz people say I'm bugged out<br>So you won't defend<br>My business, stay the fuck out<br>All I know is that the beat goes on and on (beat goes on)<br>And will be the same, 'til the day I'm gone<br><br>Nobody loves me, nobody cares<br>Nobody loves me, nobody owes me a thing<br>Nobody loves me, nobody cares<br>Nobody loves me, maybe I'll go eat worms<br><br>I'm so sick of the world now<br>It's all those people attacking my identity<br>Now the enemy's running at the mouth again<br>Saddle up when you step into the south, my friend<br>You're the big one, you're the good one<br>I'm the bad one, that's so sad son<br>Cuz I'm running no where<br>You see the black sheep everywhere<br>You need to drop that guard<br>Man, it ain't that hard<br><br>Now what's the matter with this<br>Someone's sure to find me<br>No exceptions for this (no exceptions)<br>So many time I fall through<br>No one has ever warned me<br>Life seems so meaningless<br>When now should I strength<br><br>Oh, I'm such a piece of shit<br>Oh, you're so perfect [2x]<br>Oh, you're so much better than me<br>So much better than me<br>You suck!<br>Nobody loves me, nobody cares<br>Nobody loves me, maybe I'll go eat worms

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