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I ain't no joke<br>So you should get a pen<br>And write yourself a little note<br>So you don't forget again<br>When it comes to cash<br>I've been getting smoked<br>Lendin out my money now I'm broke<br>Somebodies getting choked<br>Cuz now it's time to pay the piper<br>Bums are the type of shit thats in a diaper<br>Don't make me have to call a sniper<br>And whip your brains off my winshield wiper<br>You dirty bug<br>As soon as I get paid they come in masses<br>Theres someone givin classes<br>On kissin peoples asses<br>Unless your living where the trash is<br>Don't even come around here<br>Asking where my cash is<br>{chorus}<br>Me<br>I'm broke<br>Me<br>I'm broke<br>I ain't no joke<br>I'll say it once again<br>If I get provoked<br>There'll be knuckles on your chin<br>Some people never learn<br>Borrowin from me<br>You might regret it<br>For one I ain't no bank<br>And you got shitty credit<br>As soon as I get paid<br>They're comin out the woodwork<br>Take your ass and get a job<br>Like you should jerk<br>Unless you're living where the trash is<br>But your not<br>So find anotherspot where the cash is<br>{chorus}<br>Me<br>I'm broke<br>Me<br>I'm broke<br>Gimme back my money<br>You said you'd pay me back<br>I'm broke<br>And for that<br>You deserve a smackin for slackin<br>Now people say I'm a slacker<br>If I'm a slacker<br>Its through the eyes of the ones that are blind!!(5x)

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