Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Your Gonna Love Me

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I'm so sick I go to the hospital

I don't get fixed I get licked by the brain surgean

If I'm losin u sorry I'm just brain surfin

Movin your mind like a 5 in the lanea twerkin

But I'm like a 6 with your bitch twerkin

I'm on the strip with your bitch workin

And I don't like strippers I like dyke bitches

That don't like strippers they like bitches like the vice grippers

Weezy f baby I don't write shit

We on the hype shit she on that wife shit

I ain't talkin bout com put pot on my dick

And she suck it till she numb shit

Remember back in the day

Wen an ounce of coke was 4 hundred and the bitches was gay

But now these niggas is gay and u cud prolly get an ounce for 8

Shit if u spend it like that hundred u straight

And now the niggas with money is the niggas that hate

And bitches wana broke nigga nigga this nigga fake

But that's y me and my hooligans debate

Which one of the these rich niggas we takin

I got a make it little nae is 6 now

My little brother j.e. wana cop big smile

And little marly he just hold his chick down

Get him a bed so he can roll his chick round

I blow big in the lac like a bid dog

I keep that cig in my lap like my dick dog

Shit make me bust a nut in yo face

Tell ya girlfriend bitch wipe the slut off yo face ho

Where u from I put u under your state

And I go and throw a party in bugalow place

Chyea I'm somthin so straight fear eye

That nigga rite up in his clear eye I ain't playin

This is the year I must excell

Fans sendin in cards sayin u must get well

Soon bcuz I'm sick so sick sick noon

I b with a big fool and she do her lip?

As a matter fact I think u kno her well

Everytime I'm with that girl u always blowin up her cell

Wud u stop me and shawty tryin to chill man

Shawty tryin to feel on my eel

I shock her like seel I shock her like my managin the ludacris

Handlin the uzi like a cam-e-ra choose your flick

Chyea strike a pose we pull up

And in the bentleyz is niggas on the bikes is hoes

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