Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - You Love Me I Hate You

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Now listen...lemme preach to 'em <br>

Lemme show 'em why..w-w-what it take... <br>

I ain't gonna say why I'm better than others, <br>

'couse I ain't better than nobody, actually. <br>

But lemme show 'em why I'm a lot different from everybody else. <br>

Because...and what I mean by everybody else I mean everybody else that does what we does. <br>

You know, this recordin' industry, music, thing. <br>

What I do is, I don't go out to the clubs. <br>

And when you do see me in the club, trust me, I have been paid to be there for those thirty minutes that you enjoyed with me. <br>

I don't stay inside for nothin' couse my house is nice. <br>

I don't just get in my cars and just ride around neighborhoods where no girls are at, because my car is nice. <br>

I don't do that. <br>

What I do is, I go to studio. <br>

And I just stay in the studio. <br>

See you have to understand the difference. <br>

The difference between me and you is to you, this is your job. <br>

To me, this is my life. <br>

The club; that's my job. <br>

The mall; that's my job. <br>

Your neighborhood; that's my job. <br>

This studio; this is my life. <br>

This is what I do better than anything. <br>

So why wouldn't I do this all the time? <br>

See that's the difference between you and I <br>

You get money and you get crazy. <br>

I get crazy and I get money. <br>

And the biggest difference between you and I is... <br>

You love me and I hate you<br>



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