Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Y U Mad

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(Nicki Minaj: Verse)

I am the female weezy, this sh*t is easy

pull up that new new, b*tch get a squeegee

yeah, my flow sick, yeah my flow queasy

haha, they were sleepin' on me z-z-z-z-z

This p*ssy clean, this p*ssy squeaky

that p*ssy old, that p*ssy creeky

when I'm out the country, n*ggas call me Neeki

hi how are you? yes its nice to meet me!

Damn - billboard (Haha!)

I mean I'm winnin' but im still bored

yeah we shine - goldcluster

as for your career, dead - ghostbuster


That's why you mad,

that's why you, why you

mad, mad (4x)

Men fuck y'all Niggas

Get down to playground

Pull up with the straw in uh my school or playground

Triple o' G's Niggas these O's know me

Similey on this o' just like the trophy

i'm old school

and i'm cracking b*icth

Getting money like a mother fucker cracker bitch

What' you know about it

Get o's niggas

YMCMB ain't coach nigga

Yeah stop man(stop man)

Get niggas in my school

get the dust pan

well took off nigga

got the game on track like foot ball nigga


That's why you mad,

that's why you, why you

mad, mad (4x)

i got the world in my pocket

swishing for the vallet

wait, let me check the pai harret

the P on my head is for parru not parrot

i can find another one into a fucking pai harret

well i do it for my niggas

my whole fucking niggas

for the house so empty like they got no fucking hiccups

i'm a be so and coach o' so cought up the drum is for '

tonight i'm rather fucking another nigga girl

party like excellent waz world

cathch money wether nigga DIC

part like excellent liking.


That's why you mad,

that's why you, why you

mad, mad (4x)

Thanks to Camiee!!!!<3 for correcting these lyrics

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