Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Welcome Back

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YO <br>

Whats popping <br>

Hello world <br>

As I usually say <br>

Hee haa <br>

My name is it's not important <br>

Whats more important is <br>

What I told you all <br>

And what I told you all was <br>

On the carter 1!! <br>

And everything else I said, im the best rapper alive quote or unquote <br>

Now you all believe me <br>

Hee haa <br>

And since so far the dedication has been in your life <br>

The carter has been in your life <br>

Gangsta grillz has been in your life <br>

So the game has existed before us, but it was never the same after us <br>

Hee haa <br>

Don't you agree <br>

Well, without furthur ado, <br>

Im going to shut the fuck up <br>

And we go again into this church <br>

Dedication 3 baby <br>




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