Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Try Me

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Feat. Mack Maine

When it comes to the drugs

When we’re shopping payless

Shorty I told you many times

That the whole bed is wet

I think I’m the blood man with the remix

Let’s get an amine

Get an amine

Can I get an amine?

You buy all them guns

Nobody diggin’

Catch your pussy ass and trap it

Got your bitch on her knees

Lookin’ like she’s reckless

Like I can’t trust my eyes

I can’t trust the click I rap on

And if I see them on the streets

I have to treat them as a rival

I’m a pleasure to your eyes

Don’t supply

Poor momma she never bought me nothing

I got a movie

Get in bed and bring some popcorns

And I got something really hot here

Like my hip-hop

And this little red dot here that helps me get the spot on

Playing with the bullets

Hold up we tem boys

We them rider boys

I hold the pistol side ways

And shoot

That’s the style point

Minister society

Minister myself though

Been but don’t break

My niggaz call me elbow

You don’t want no problem

I’m a problem

I got fucking problems

Bad bitch on top of me

She started from the bottom

On the corner

Got to shoot the red one nigga to put a mouse trap

Shoot at me and I’mma smile back and then I pull back

I’’ll flip you over like a kayak

Her favorite color ruby

Made enough to quit

But I keep on coming with excuses

Trip a late dick

That’s amazing and amusing

I’m sedated and I’m on security

I’m the best and I’m improving

Put my baby momma

And if I die

Then I guess she did right

Catch me walkin’ on this moetherfuckin’ water nigga

I catch her pussy ass at the red light

You gonna hit that blocker

That blocker

I represent my killers like Johnny Cock

We kidnap mommas and Taylors

We don’t give a fuck if they have us abducted

Breathe more in silence for Chris Wallace

So the slim pot pimps see

I hope they’re smiling

But we got that plane and wi-fi

I’ m so sorry for the wait

Raise your legs girl

I’m trying to break the head boy

I want the whole dodge low

My Chinese girl want some blunts and some yakking’

She escort us so we don’t fuck on her Versace

My whole poo escaped

We young money mafia

We rap what we rap

Tryin’ to shout out my name

And I’ll prepare my step

Please get you a grip

And I bet you’ll rest in peace

When I’ll let this bitch rip them

Money runnin’ like the water

Check the cash flow

And we fuck like potato assholes

And make sure the kids get everything they ask for

My bitch in London said she a Mag maniac

And her sister loves too

She a wainiac

It’s like she’s 2 different persons

She be chillin’

She be cursin’

Cry river, spurt an ocean

Fuck fast in slow motion

Man I know soldiers

That are proud of me

Man I know soldiers

That are proud of me

They caught fiber glass on his lake

I ain’t apologetic

But sorry for the wake

They caught fiber glass on his lake

I ain’t apologetic

But sorry for the wake

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