Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Throwed Off Freestyle

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Feat. Gudda Gudda

Ok, I walk up in the club, Louies with the cherry bottoms

Bad bitch on my arm with a Hale Berry body

You know what I do I get straight to the …

Wrist wear frigid and my watch is a …

I’m … young …

Remember when I used to stuff my paper in my shoe box

Now I got 2 large accounts with money stacks in large amounts

The fuck you niggers talk about? Cause we ain’t trying to talk it out

Pistol hanging on my jeans it ain’t a thing to stalk it out

…choppers … in an ring in and out

You know what I’m sipping, purple got me tripping

Scoop your chick up and let her lick me like a lizard

I’m on salt peace chilling and I’m trying to fuck every hotty

Get her to the crib and make her fuck everybody

You know the team is young money over everybody

In the rap game so it’s fuck everybody

Married to the mob, bury your alive

My girl pussy feel like heaven to a god

And I came in this bitch with my niggers

… I ain’t no fucking babysitter

Yeah, I be doing me don’t give a fuck about what you doing

Blood gang bitch big d’s …

I can do this shit eyes closed, nothing to it

When this fucking body up they ain’t even try to view it

I go tough, I go stupid

Murk your pussy ass, and everyone you in … with

Fuck you with a pool stick, make you swallow toothpicks

Fucking … ruthless, we don’t watch too many movies

And smoke too many … murk you out and deuces

We don’t know what truth is, … like bruises

…I swear, … I’m a user

I load up the 6 point it at you …

Pull over on a highway, throw you off the bridge

We don’t give a fuck, and we ain’t never did

Shit, 3 words you’ll never hear, let him live

You got me … off, I break these bitches down,

I break these hoes off, the torture is my name

I got gutter on the tape

Public apology, sorry for the wait, yeah.<br />

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Thanks to Andrei

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