Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - That Ain't Me

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[Lil Wayne]

Yeah, I should never leave hip-hop

Controlled by my two hands they go tik-tok

Around the clock, yes it's my time, my throne

Better know the time of day in any f*ckin time zone

I'm feeling like I'm on top of the rhinestone

Pullin' the ladder from heaven, about to climb home

Mental thoughts are sharper than the pinecone

In this world of numbers I keep my nine though

And I don't go to church because the lying low

And the preacher, he be gettin' his shine on

But I Know my lord, I am God's own

banks on my hands, tick tick, a time bomb

[Jay Sean]

Yeah, don't you know I'll be (I'll be)

Yeah, don't you know I'll be (I'll be)

I'll be here cause I won't quit yeah

you can try lock me up

you can try break me down

but I stay strong

It's my throne

Can't stop now cuz that ain't me

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