Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Swizzy (Remix)

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Voo Voo Sha Ay Wa BitcheZ (Showtime)

Re Re Re Remix

(You Know What Time It Is Right)

Chilling In My Beama

Sitting In Me Phantom

Listening To Either

Listening to the Anthem

Weezy da bama wat my bama

Your girl wit me so i fan she dont answer

He so sweet make her wanna lick the rapper (this is the remix)

So i let her lick the rapper

She take care of me

And the homeboyz after

Jumpoff Jumpoff the girl a jumpoff

I love the snort of mountains

And she get jumpedoff

Jumpoff Jumpoff you know she a jumpoff

Pull my dick out and watch her jump on jumpoff

You make it so hard when it all so basic

Chevy grill look like a set of new braces

Southside baby

We outside baby

Smoking on this bitch like Popeyes baby

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