Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Started From The Bottom

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I don’t want no problems up in here

These niggers wearing dresses and they call me weird

Boy niggers bout as real

What kind of cologne do you wear

Cause all I can smell is fear

I don’t want no problems up in here...

Niggers ass came out his fucking ear

I got a whole clip

I ain’t in the whole thing up ion here now

Imma keep a feel and a blunt

I might pass the motherfucker but most likely Imma form

Told my bitch I could do bad on my own

She said you gonna miss me nigger

I said bitch the girl is gone

It looked better in the driveway

You niggers just some bridesmaid

Bitches give me head and stared playing my game

Got two tears from my homies that’s a crying shame

You could get a...bottle to your face

Niggers just construction workers trying to build a case

They all should be yellers, that’s a female trade

Why your bitch blind me up if I ask I had to flake

I’m like

I don’t want no problems up in here

I fuck her till she cry and make that hoe drink her fucking tears

I hope she’d swallow more than tears

And a home girl came in the room and volunteered

She is hanging out the ski mask

Run up in the kitchen get you stash out the oven

You wonder how we know?

Stop talking why you cutting?

Ain’t nothing like some pussy when you’re going though something

Just called the bad bitch and said I’m going though something

Pussy nigger keep your mouth closed like you chew onions motherfucker

I’m like y’all don’t want no problems up in here

Rather be judged by my jury not a jury on my feds

Got some Kush that...

Nigger y’all don’t want no problems up in here

Cause I got shooters on the roof like some fucking reindeer

Body with the model of the year

Bout to go pop with the nose ring up in here

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Young money motherfucking entertainment

And y’all know molly got the chopper up in here

Me, myself and I, the fucking three musketeers

Smoke like I fucking disappear

I check your pussy ass and wait for it to clear

Told you everybody know your name like cheers nigger

Started from the bottom now my whole team here nigger

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