Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Show Me What You Got

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This Is a public service announcement

Lil Wayne, Weezy F Baby IS the best rapper alive

Hit me, haha, good mornin' New York

Good afternoon New Orleans

Goodnight America haha yeah

Doe is what I got, little mama

Doe is what I got, bird lady

Doe is what I got, shorty

Doe is what I got, baby

Come on, I'm paid, I'm paid, I'm paid, I'm paid

Hay, give a women none, uh uh

I already gave my brother some

It's my sisters turn, ain't it funny how the fish do burn

But your boy just relax like a fresh new perm

As the world of the barrel of the pistol turn

But we get it how we live never live and learn

Got to talk about the flow cause you is concerned

Only down south could of been in a firm

Ah, the commission of Wu-Tang nigga

Tryin to tell you I can kick like Liu Kang nigga

Got that Sub-Zero flow how you want me mine

Nigga get it over here like Scorpion

And when it comes down to this recordin

I must be LeBron James or be Jordan

No, I want rings with my performance

I'm more Kobe Bryant up in all this

Same coat, same gang been startin

Same triangle office, I come through the lane like a dargeant

Referee niggas is lame they call Jargeant

I have no brain, I'm retarted

We all not the same, I'm a martian

You can be my Jane, I'm your Tarzan

I'm from the jungle where the snakeses are all poison

I am magnificant like Marcus

You might wanna fall back like August

Or lace up Timber or whatever you call it

I hit niggas in the head like Vonage

I am talkin to no particular audience

But understand I'm the the guardian

And understand there won't be no guardin' him

But you just get played like an accordin'

I don't give a damn if she's bossit

I keep pussy runnin' like a faucet

She better catch light shes Steve Logdit

Because I'm WHAT'S UP like Martin

Haha wooo yeah see

I know ya'll talk about me an an

You don't like what you hear sometime

Um um since I'm so bright I'm a put the spot light on you baby

Show me what you bout little daddy

I know what you need to stop, stop hatin

I know what your not, wodie

And that is Weezy baby

Blunts up, now blaze, hay blaze, hay blaze, hay blaze

I'm workin yeah

Tell em where I take six

Young dictionary make words make sense

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