Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - round here

rate me

its nothing


its nothing

got the locs on thiz time

yeah!! haha

imma do it koo

my name is weezy f baby

you bitch

get on the interstate

go bang roads west

take to cowelton exit

come around that loop and

a a a a

a they call me boy boy around here but

got them fiends happy happy joy joy around here baby

boy boy all year im a hustler baby

and you were just a customer maybe i

i bust at yo lady im nothin but crazy shit

im thuggin and mobbin you shooken and driving shit

im buccing and riding you duccing and hiding bitch

im muggin and robbing i fukkin yo dollas kid

fuk yo spot i come where yo momma live

i up when i tucc and i bucc at yo mommas ribs

i huff and i puff and i blow down yo momma crib

you snuffer you puffer what the fucc is you tryin to spend

you tuff or you bluff i pulls up on your corner see

i woke up with the intensions to not see another morning but

if i make it baby girl make me breakfast

let me use your pantyhose draw dat put away my actors

im just a civilian with a record and

a nigga that could sold over a million records pressure

im way more fresher wipe me down queen me king me

nigga checcers and behind that bling bling

we wreccless nigga a leave you neckless for that neckless

so what the hek is all the hecklin about you pussies

wont be satisfied untill the heckler come out

see they respects that i step from the mech of the south

nigga a fully automatic daily weapon yo mouth

the collar open on my necc yep im steppin in style

dont provoak me cause my protecter is ready to pow!

i machete confetie a child dont compare me to dunny

compare me ta money bitch yea doctor weezy the medicine child

i either slide you a prescription or you get it

and bow yeah and the buyers never give me the vowels

they never a e i o u they sho blue yep pay me

or i owe u a couple twos yellow mercedes door all blue

babygirl says shes a lady and imporntant too

well i got the x ray i see the whore in you

and me im a p i m p mama he mad she i m me partna

and dam she hot so we got to get ghost

like big papa and bam she hop and

she ride with tha fam she poppin e like asprin

she catch a dam she like napkins

young money mothafuka we like captains

walking with the bravo cause we like clappin

flossin is the model and they dont like that shit

but stunna is his daddy and he like papi

frawtune i vacumn pack it and

send it wit a bitch in an eskimo jaccet

let it go faggot i let it go at them

got that cali go rap an im acting so nasty

yes im blasting you can see it as it goes pass them

gimme that staus or gimme bak rabbit

fuk i piggy bak niggas you jumped to early

now you all for sale and i can get off you early

i split off and rip all your legiment rip off your legs put 20 in you blemishes uhhhh

call me oxy weezy im in the chocalate tin like foxy breezy

bungle up saddeling we headin straight to the top and mean

im wit the battleing if it dont make me box wassup?

MR. Mc you can take these props while a nigga like me come and take hip hop

i said mr mc you could take these props so watch a nigga like me come and take hip hop

its weezy fuking baby

motha fuk

prefix ohh x 4

weezy mothafukin baby right here mane

know what im talking about

ya niggas aint fuking wit me mane

i tell you i got you niggas pissed off like a razor

its crazy

weezy fukin baby

around here

bleek waddap

young money millionaire

cash money billionaire

vice versa

somebody tell phat dollar to holla at me


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