Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Receipt

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{Lil Wayne talking}

Yeah Yeah its kinda hard sayin this shit to ya face

so I do it over snare and bass

music take me away


I got to hold on, hold on to my receipt

To redeem your love thats exactly what I need

{Lil Wayne Verse 1}

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, C'mon

Young boy, I know ya love me like ya never loved.

Ya know ya couldnt find a better thug, and uh

you been peepin me since I was younger,

so young that ya even called me ya little brother

but im all grown up know I got my own money.

Im married and divorced and my daughter is a woman.

And guess what? My daughter want another

sister or brother and you lookin like a mother.

I took you from a clubber to a lover

and you took another bitch husband.

The other bitch wasnt doin shit for him.

She say she did too much I say she did nothin.

She need to quit frontin.

I havent hid nothin and you love everything.

Cant hide your feelins wont let my pride conceal it.

Ya got Wayne, I charge it to the game, so baby you can keep the change


{Hook 2X}

{Lil Wayne Verse 2}

Destiny Child CD song number 3.

she cater to me until we fall asleep,

then we wake up and we pick up where we started

then she make a nigga breakfast, (?sprite, orange juice, and water?)

She on stage waitin for me after my show

so know time for groupies straight to the top flo.

yeah, fresh out the shower, a smile and a towel, then after an hour

she gon need another shower

when im at home in my coupe or the office in the streets or in the booth

im thinkin bout you

and most of the girls that come by are cute

and they try to holla but they all on mute

and my old girls turn they face up at me, yeah

they throw thwy purses and they makeup at me

cuz you got Wayne

I charge it to the game and baby you can keep the change


{Hook 2X}

{Lil Wayne Verse 3}

Come home smell the food on the stove

she done cleaned the whole house washed the dishes and the clothes

and when we out we do it just like we supposed

look good for the public leave the drama in the Rolls

Royce, choice of car that we move in.

She get high sometimes cuz Im always doin it yeah

Ya here them hallways we always doin it yeah

but cuz everytime feel like the first one

perfect, when a nigga stressed of that work

she take away all the pain make it lesser than dirt

thats why, you got Wayne

I charge it to the game

and baby you can keep the change


{Hook 2X}

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