Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Racks On Racks

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<strong>Racks on Racks Lyrics</strong>

I can’t fuck with ho niggas

I can’t trust these old niggas

Wake up early in the morning

Eat that pussy like cold pizza

Hater ass niggas be baller blocking

Acting like some goalkeepers

There’s a reason for everything

My niggas kill for no reason

Camo shorts, the whole deal

All-black hoodie, I’m the Grim Reaper

Look like its time for spring cleaning

Brand new spanking street-sweeper

Been in the game, I’m knee-deep

I like good head, I like good reefer

All my niggas strapped and ready

To set it off: Queen Latifah

Got a chopper with a drum

Split Swishers with my thumb

Get money like Donald Trump

Double barrel on that pump

This ? guy ain’t no chump

Get stupid and get stomped

Two girls I call Kriss Kross

Kriss Kross’ll make you jump

I do what a nigga gotta do

Got goons – I ain’t even gotta shoot

Got a bunch of bad bitches by the pool

I like my bitches in twos

Gotta go, I stick it and move

G Code: I stick to the rules

Last night I got so high

Swear to God, I went to the moon

I want that shit you can’t get no where

You pussy boy, don’t do that

If I don’t do nothing, I’mma ball

No hair. Smoking on that “oh yeah”

My niggas tote that hardware

What you bout woadie?

My niggas about that warfare

Real nigga since day one

Cause I ain’t promised day two

Throw that pussy at me

Bitch, I think I made room

Drop top Maybach on the way

Yeah that’s that new Land-o-Lakes

She hit me with her jungle

I’m gonna hit her with that rattle snake

Ass goes clap like patty cake

? red bandana face

Make them pussies pop theyself

You can call that “masterbate”

I don’t front no ? cake

I get high, I gravitate

Weezy F Baby bitch

The F is for Fascinate

Louisiana from that swamp

I’mma pull this bitch out and dump

Better run like Forrest Gump

Fuck you and where you from

3-2 I am the one: job well done

I ball 24/7, 3 6 5, 12 months


Come to Wayne’s World, it’s a fairy tale

Yeah I’m high bitch, bitch I parasail

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