Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Racks Freestyle

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I can't fuck with ho niggas

I can't trust these old niggas

Wake up early in the morning

Eat that pussy like cold pizza

Hater ass niggas be baller blocking

Acting like some goalkeepers

There's a reason for everything

My niggas kill for no reason

Camo shorts, the whole deal

All-black hoodie, I'm the Grim Reaper

Look like its time for spring cleaning

Brand new spanking street-sweeper

Been in the game, I'm knee-deep

I like good head, I like good reefer

All my niggas strapped and ready

To set it off: Queen Latifah

Got a chopper with a drum

Split Swishers with my thumb

Get money like Donald Trump

Double barrel on that pump

This ? guy ain't no chump

Get stupid and get stomped

Two girls I call Kriss Kross

Kriss Kross'll make you jump

I do what a nigga gotta do

Got goons - I ain't even gotta shoot

Got a bunch of bad bitches by the pool

I like my bitches in twos

Gotta go, I stick it and move

G Code: I stick to the rules

Last night I got so high

Swear to God, I went to the moon

I want that shit you can't get no where

You pussy boy, don't do that

If I don't do nothing, I'mma bald

No hair.

Smoking on that "oh yeah"

My niggas tote that hardware

What you bout woadie?

My niggas about that warfare

Real nigga since day one

Cause I ain't promised day two

Throw that pussy at me

Bitch, I think *Babe Ruth*

Drop top Maybach on the way

Yeah that's that new Land-o-Lakes

She hit me with her jungle

I'm gonna hit her with that rattle snake!

Ass goes clap like patty cake

Blood red bandana face

Make them pussies pop theyself

You can call that "masterbate"

I don't front no ... cake

I don't get high, I gravitate

Weezy F Baby bitch

The F is for Fascinate

Louisiana from that swamp

I'mma pull this bitch out and dump

Better run like Forrest Gump

Fuck you and where you from

3-2 I am the one: job well done!

I ball 24/7, 3 6 5, 12 months

what's up red-bone, what's up caramel, come to Wayne's World, it's a fairy tale

Yeah I'm high bitch, bitch I para-sail

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