Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Put on for the Game

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Well Since Wayne is the only one who kills it on this song...ive studied his part and got this

Dedication threeeee

yaiaa yaiaa

I feel like theses mother fuc*ers better know me next

I real liked but never loved h o e s

I fill the white top cup full of codeine mix

I still eat a couple rappers for my protein bitch

I'm on my soaring shit...and you dont know me bitch

I do it for those who done it before me bitch

My goon is gon'e ride even with a slow leak bitch

And then we eat dem chickens and you get no peice bitch

Uh Stunta man said kill em alllllll

So still i know...I'm gonna kill em alll

Murder dem pussy hoes,

Im flyer than a butterfly doin a tootsie roll

Haha I got chips like the cookie dough

It takes a lot of paper to book a show

You wouldnt couldnt know

Im who they looking to, and who they looking for

And others dont rideEeEeEe dont ridEeEeEe RidEeEe

You better hope your math is right

We take your body for a sacrafice

You see them flashin lightsss

Welcome to the after life

I put on for dem bitches..on on for dem bitchess <br />

<br />

Thanks to razvan

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