Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Put Her 2 Bed

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Weezy weezy weezy baby

Young moula baby

Eh em I'm a lil bit mo than that

Shawty I'm so hot I'm a mak you bring yo oven back

And I'm fly call me fire bird cogniac

Dark rich and strong like cogniac

What's yo zodiac

See me I be a libra

And I do everything twice so I eat her eat her

I need her need her

Yeah it's just citha son

With a toungue like a nine millimeter gun

And yes you'll need a gun

Because we keep piece

Tylenol pm sex now she sleep

See I jus put her to bed to bed to bed

I'm a rock yo body

Turn you over

Smell me like some brand new foldgers in the morning turn you over

While you yawning bend you over

That like heaven I know baby

See this jus I know baby

See be in yo face but I know he can't face me

Danity kane and wayne

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