Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Pour Up

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Chinese AK just do what I say and nobody die

I open the soda, I get the codeine and I pour up a lot

I pour up a lot, I pour up a lot

Me and my niggas, we go up a lot

We so up, you not

Deuce, Deuce, when I get home I'mma throw up these shots

When I got home I was so drunk I knocked

So drunk I knocked and the door was unlocked

Went in the kitchen and grabbed me a pop

Got my codeine and I poured up a lot

I pour up a lot


I pour up a lot

I got mo' than a doc, my soda gonna pop

Strong as boulders and rocks

My shoulders gon' drop, ya know I know I'm so high

I could have swore I saw Pac

Could have swore I saw Spock

My motor don't stop

I stay on my feet, no hole in my socks

Ya know I'm on deck, when there's snow, I'm on top

I'm stored up on stock

I'm way up, but I'm sure you're not shocked

Cuz ya know how I rock

And ya know that it's cocked, the .44 wit the dot

I'm a pro wit the Glock, don't ya go to the cops

Or yo throat gon' get chopped

Then yo folks gon' get got then yo ho gon' get shot

Kiss that ho if she hot

Hittin' notes on my cock like Do Re Mi Fa

And all ya looking ass niggas look at me now

I'm sure ya gon' watch, ya borin', I'm not

I'm scorin' a lot, ignorin' the t.h.o.t.s.

I'm pourin' a lot, taste like euphoria, uh

Russian AK, do what I say and nobody die

I open the soda, I get the codeine and I pour up a lot

I pour up a lot

I sew up the block, make ya go off the block

I'm gettin' twisted wit two bad bitches in my bedroom

Leave them hoes in a knot

Stomach in knots, thought I need sum' drank

I'm stuck in my bed and the dopeman said all he got is red

If I don't do red, Lord, I don't do red

I don't do yellow, no, I don't do that

I don't do Qualitest, I don't do Watson

I need that Act

I don't do yellow cuz it make me scratch

As soon as I seen niggas sipping green

I was like, 'where they do that'

Bring that shit back, let me bring this shit back


(Verse 2)

I run in yo buildin' and hold up the spot

Give me what ya got, the keys and the gwop

Make everyone get on their knees and then count

My bitch talkin' bout kickin' me out

Cuz everytime she want the soda we out

Bitch I don't want no lip, I just want sum' mouth

I just want a sip, I don't wanna drown

I just want the lean, I don't wanna bounce

I just wanna chill, I don't want a crowd

I just want my check, I don't want a trial

I just want sum' neck, I don't want no vowels

She just wanna love, I just want lounge

I just smoke loud, she just drink brown

I just drink purple, she just smoke hookah

Quit cigarettes, concerned ‘bout her future

I pour up a lot, past, present, future

Syrup and sprite, turn that shit fuschia

Hawaiian Punch, Alo-hallelujah

We got that white girl working like Hooters

My shooters don't listen

I tell 'em ya cool, but still they don't listen

I cut on the news, and they say ya missing

And I can't stop grinning like, 'nigga, we did it'

And they show police fishin'

And searching under bridges when they say no witness

I start hopping around like Jiminy Cricket

And I can't stop sipping

And she can't stop strippin'

Cuz she got an infant and her man in prison

Lord, she can't stop venting

And I can't stop driftin', she worry a lot

And I pour me a lot

I pour up a lot, I pour up a lot

Don't know how to stop, I don't know how to stop so

I pour up a lot, pour up a lot

I pour up so much I don't know it's a lot

I pour mo' than a lot, I go ova the top


(Oohh boy)

Yeah, again and again, etcaetaera

I pour, I pour up in

Drink, soda, Sprite, Seven-Up

Fuck it, here we go again

Medicine, medicine, yeah

I need that, I need ice girl

I don't need no discount, I leave ya a tip

They said that Actavis dead, that's bullshit

Well if so then I must be the exorcist

I don't know what ya heard but ya heard wrong

I got a swamp up in my Styrofoam

It can be room temperature or lukewarm

All I need is ice to make the perfect storm

I pour up a lot

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