Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Politician

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Lil Wayne ( verse 1)

I cook the crack and the pod i piston, ya'll niggaz just talking ya'll politicians but let me get slick real quick like rick without the patch on the sky take a patch out the sky cause i'm fly i say that alot and imma keep on thousand dollar jeans on nigga keep goin keep walkin peace home they won't find me in my beach home, im outta reach home,i gotta speach for em,om fuck them and whoever know em 1. Im stepping in the convertible with a nasty ass virgo she feel my gangsta i ain't even had to game ha, but that came natural started like masta how i disappear when i dip in the bathroom but i be back soon fucking with these racoons like Jackie Gloosey on this honey moon. wad up few.

(verse 2)

They got hater's out there, but i'm optimistic ya'll niggaz ain't talkin ya'll politicians, i'm walkin what im talkin and sprayin what im saying and i'm stepping what im rappin imma bout what i shout boy the loudest mouth of the south boy, i'm from the dirty dirty you can't get me out my shout boy. I gotta money clip, im like what for i told ho's that they can't hold that, i stick it in her back pocket make her but large and pull her seven jeans she like fuck lord, I'm like fuck that but she thought i was ignerant approached her like a gentleman her friends tryin to get with him but i already been with them i fuck them all man they like synonims i got dividends i might give a limb she see them niggaz im with i might give her them.

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