Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Off The Rip (Freestyle)

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I'mma ride with my dawg off the rip

Talk brown bag, paper tag off the rip

Shawty came through, bent it ova off the rip

Dope boy bad, poppin' tags off the rip

Nigga, I done started from the bottom

Dirty money off the rip

Cuttin' short fee, talkin' money off the rip

Walk up in the dealer, 150 off the rip

My dawg came home, buck fifty off the rip


Oh me, oh my my mine, cut dope

Don't need more cry now, off the rip (x2)

40 know his head off (off the rip)

Chop chop these niggas sped off (off the rip)


Rarri lookin' good on the strip

Stack a hundred mill as a muthafucking grip

Johnny hand cuffed ten milli off the rip

Shawty bought her friends off the rip

Used to bust it open, eatin' pussy off the rip

Once I'm gettin' blood money, we're the crip

My dawg gettin' out, money always off the rip

Spend a car note on my fit

Maneuve bowl hanging off my clip

Niggas wonder like a skit

I'll push ya on my skit, boy

On my wrist is a brick, boy

Built an empire, brick by brick, boy

Coke boys over rip, boy


(verse 2)

Old guns get the bloody money

Dirty cash, live niggas who smoke weed

Can't see stash, ya donkey walk, I'm hunchback

Speak quiet, talkin' bout mi casa

Scared to death when I pop up

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]

Got my homeboys here, so let me put my gun up

Price on ya head, where do I get rung up

I be with scumbags, all about that humbug

While niggas savin' hoes, like dun-dun-dun-dun-dun

Choke yo ass with nunchucks, trunk full of blum-blums

Young Money, young guns, heroes, unsung

Give that bitch pompoms, touchdown my nigga

Sitting on my money, a junk pile my nigga

Don't ya come round my niggas

Don't come round my nigga

We balling, neva committing dumb fouls my nigga

We been hustling, since Mike Tyson punch out my nigga

Feds listenin' OKAY, that's enough bout my niggas

Yeah sipping on a little some somethin', mind yo business

Got these hoes waiting while I'm doing calisthenics

And she give me head while her lips move a mile a minute

And the bitch ya kissing on just came out the clinic

I ain't lying, nigga I ain't finished

Smokin' on that good weed, what's that scent? Not a penny

Montana, Corleone, Capone, Gotti, Nitti

I can't show 'em how I do it, nah, only how I did it

Lil Tunechi

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